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Dopamalovi Books Meet the Staff!

Hi all! Today we continue with Dopamalovi Books. Yesterday we met the authors and saw the books. Today we will continue on with the staff.  You can browse the site at spend the night with us!

Created by Terrence Scott
First up say hello toDopamalovi Owner and Editor:


Donna Jean Lyons dwells in the secluded mountains of West Virginia with her longtime girlfriend, Missy, and two furry buddies, Merlin and Magick. When she isn’t spinning new tales, she can be found editing manuscripts for her publishing company, Dopamalovi Books, or reading new submissions. Her days carry her away to places few would like to visit, and her nights are spent with a cast of unsavory characters that few would want to meet. But she wouldn’t have it any other way. She loves her company, her extraordinary staff, and her amazing authors. And Donna wholeheartedly acknowledges the fact that Dopamalovi Books wouldn’t be the company it is today without them. It is her …

Introducing Dopamalovi Books

Hi everyone! I am still down with the back injury but will do my best to get some reviews posted, news on upcoming books and of course some future giveaways on the blog in March. April is my birthday month so there will be lots of birthday fun to look forward to. Be sure to follow the blog with Linkys and/or Networked Blogs if you are not a Blogger user. I am waiting to see what the change today brings. *sigh*

Today also brings a happy event.....The official launching of Dopamalovi Books! Yay! Now you may be asking who? What? A new book publisher? Yes and no. Dopamalovi has been around putting out books for the past year at least, working with a small but tight community of staff. Things are going very well and so now we are having a Blast Off With Dopamalovi Books!

Here is an awesome and I do mean AWESOME, book trailer made by a very talented young man who you will meet in a few moments. The trailer will show you who we are and provide you with some cover lust moments. So check it out.…

Book Review - Blue by Lou Aronica

BLUE by Lou Aronica Paperback, 400 pages; Kindle Published January 8th 2011 by The Fiction Studio
*This book is being reviewed through Pump Up Your Book Virtual Tours. Book was provided for review. No compensation was received for review. All opinions are my own.*
Before I begin my review I would like to say that I purchased a Kindle version of Blue.  The author provided a paperback print copy. I  am donating this copy to Bartlett Regional Hospital' s  Chemotherapy Lab in my hometown of Juneau, Alaska. Tamara, who runs the lab, keeps a library for patient  use. We are a small community. Books for the patients are donated or bought out of pocket - not through the hospital. I hope the author does not mind this donation.
My Review:
This is my second time reading Blue. What I discovered reading it a second time is that it is a lot like reading Charles Dickens for me. What I mean by that is every time I re-read a Charles Dickens book, I come away with something new. Some little thing I did n…

guest Post with Jeanette Baker

I am delighted to have with me today Jeanette Baker. Jeanette is the author of Witch Woman, a book I reviewed yesterday. Jeanette has graciously agreed to write a guest post for us. Thank you so much Jeanette and welcome!

Witch Woman by Jeanette Baker

WITCH WOMAN is my first Indie novel. After 15 books published by giant houses, Kensington, Pocket and Mira Books, I decided to branch out and test this brand new world of self-publishing with a book that is similar in tone to the Celtic paranormals I’d written previously and yet, completely different. Witch Woman is not a romance and it isn’t set in Scotland or Ireland, where I live during the summer months. Instead, I flew off to Salem, Massachusetts to investigate the city’s charm as well as its dark history. What came about was a paranormal with a contemporary heroine completely different from any I’d attempted to create before.
Readers of WITCH WOMAN often ask why I explored the possibilities of DNA memory and time travel or why I create…