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A Day with Miss Melanie

I Love You More Than Chocolate by Melanie Milburn

I received this book for review in December 2011, (you can read the review here). It quickly became our favorite children's book from 2011. I cannot tell you how excited I am to have the author Melanie Milburn as a guest today! Valentine's Day is coming. If you are looking for a wonderful gift for a child, expectant or new parents and/or grandparents, I highly recommend this book. It is a chocolate treat that will be enjoyed over and over. I also share this book with grandchildren in another state. It is a wonderful book and song, (a CD comes with it), to let a child know how much you love them everyday. Many of you know Junior, (the child in the pictures labeled One Face of Autism). He asks me all the time, "Grandma, you love me more than chocolate?". When I say yes, he is so delighted and tells me, "I love you too, more than chocolate." . Please enjoy this video of her singing the song, I Love You More Than Chocolate. 

I hope you enjoy the very fun and musical guest post from Melanie below. I had a trip down memory lane with it and found myself playing all the songs once again. Amazingly, I remember all the words!  Please do check out her wonderful book!

A Day in the Life of Miss Melanie - Preschool Teacher

In 2010/11, our class was made up of 12 very energetic boys and 3 sweet, angelic, girls. 

Our day always begins with greeting time.  In the past, I have begun our day with this song:

Hello children, hello children, hello children

But this year my song of choice was:  WHO LET THE DOGS OUT?

The first hour at preschool is free choice time; children have the opportunity to choose what they do and the teachers are there to supervise, interact with, and help the children solve problems.  They may choose to do an art project, play blocks, work at the woodworking bench, or read books.  This year’s favorite activity was, hands down, this:


After free choice, the children are responsible for putting the toys away.  I would sing …
IT’S TIME TO PUT THE TOYS AWAY,” and it worked very well.

Snack time:

Snack time is a very social time.  This year’s favorite topic was quite interesting.  It was all about bodily functions.  I have yet to figure out why this subject fascinates 4-year-olds, but every year it does.  Once again I found myself turning to song, to the tune of “Frere Jacques,” with some new words:

No more potty talk, no more potty talk, poop or pee, poop or pee
If I hear it one more time, I’m going to lose my mind
It must stop, it must stop!

Circle time is always fun.  Stories are a must, science experiments, math activities, and more, as long as the children cooperate, follow directions, and listen.

The hardest part is just getting their attention and I have found that after 18 years of teaching the best way is to start whispering.

Please be quiet.  No response.  Please be quiet.  No response.  PLEASE BE QUIET! No response.  So I use my big girl voice and say:


Right about now, an old Beatles song always crosses my mind.


Sometimes, I escape to my only place of sanctuary, the bathroom, where I proceed to give myself a much-needed pep talk.

“Come on Mel, you can do it.  You are not afraid of anything.  You are a Preschool teacher.  Get out there and carpet denim, I mean seize the day!!  You cannot be defeated!!  I am woman, hear me roar”!!  Or as Gloria Gaynor sang


And then, it’s time to go.
We had so much fun, before you know it, our day is done

Goodbye children, Goodbye children, Goodbye children
It’s time for you to go

Na, Na, Na, Na, Hey, Hey, Hey, Goodbye

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Melanie Milburn is Director of New Horizons Preschool in Durango, Colorado, where she has been teaching for 18 years.  She has been writing songs for over 20 years and has produced two CDs for children.  Melanie recently transformed one of her songs into a book titled, “I Love You More Than Chocolate”.  The book comes with a CD of Melanie singing the book and children love being able to listen to the CD while turning the pages of the book.  To learn more about Melanie and her book go to her website, 

Melanie also has a video on you tube of the very popular and fun song, Slippery Fish. If you have a preschooler you may enjoy it also. 

Thank you so much Melanie Milburn for guesting today! 

Comments Always Welcome!

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