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Guest Post from Robyn Wheeler

Today I have a guest post from writer Robyn Wheeler author of Born Mad.

In October 2010, after being diagnosed with a mood disorder I had never heard of, I decided to pen my story in hopes of helping and educating others about Dysthymic Disorder. After much research, I wrote about my deep depression, how it affected my life and everyone around me as well as the symptoms and treatment for this low-grade but chronic depression. After four months of non-stop writing and research, I was ready to publish. A long-time friend edited my manuscript prior to sending it off to a self-publishing company called Balboa Press. Then two more revisions ensued before the final copy was ready for publication. Balboa Press was great to deal with: I selected my publishing package, paid my fee and was given step by step instructions on how to proceed and what would be happening next. When the book was ready for printing, I designed the cover and dust jacket as well as a set of questions for interviews and a…

Meet Robert Nelson

I am going to be introducing some new writers I come across on my blog. Some of them have written books I have read, are reading or have on my TBR. Some of them may write a guest post for the blog. Others may just want to let you know about their book. The opinions expressed, unless otherwise noted, are the authors opinion. I just thought it would be a good way to get new writers out there. I will still be doing my own things - reviews, interesting books I find, Alaskan/Juneau stuff, autism awareness, the memes, products/businesses I like, (or seriously do not like in which I will tell you why),  etc. As this is a new thing I am really looking for any feedback in the coming weeks. You can do this publicly by writing a comment or you can email me your thoughts, ( 

Writer Robert Nelson
Robert Nelson was born and raised in Garner, North Carolina where he earned the connections and street credibility needed to bring a sense of authenticity to his work. Conseque…