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Slow Cooking with Dina Cheney

Year-Round Slow Cooker Dina Cheney Taunton Press
I love cookbooks. I read them as thoroughly as I do novels. I own about a hundred in print and at least another fifty on my Kindle. Believe it or not they all have different recipes. Of course some recipes are printed in multiple books. Favorites are favorites for a reason. 
I also am in love with my slow cooker. It was my salvation as a working mom. I cannot express enough how delightful it was to come home to a wonderful smelling house and dinner ready. That changed a bit as my children aged. I soon learned unless dire warnings were strategically place around the slow cooker, smell would be all I got. 
So when I saw Year-Round Slow Cooker in Net Galley's offerings, I had to get it. Having enough slow cooker recipes to get through a year of cooking, I was interested in what she could bring to the pot. She brought a lot. In addition to the recipes she provide tips and other help. The tips are strewn throughout the book like hidden gem…