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5 Flaming Stars for Edge of Dawn

FEBRUARY 26, 2013

*I received this title for review from NET GALLEY. I received no compensation for this review. The review is based on my thoughts and feelings while reading this book. All opinions are mine and may be used by author or publisher.*

Edge of Dawn is book 11 in Lara Adrian's Midnight Breed Series. It is the second series I got into - right behind Sookie Stackhouse and right before Anita Blake. In all honesty Sookie has disappointed me the last couple of books and Anita was letting me down after the about the 10th book, (I still read them - what a junkie I am LOL). When I saw this book I was both excited and nervous. My first thought was, "OMGOSH! The Breed is back!" followed by, "Book 11. Please don't let me down." Thank goodness I can honestly say it is AMAZING!  I was on an emotional roller coaster throughout the book. 

Edge of Dawn picks up with the Breedmate Mira, raised in the Order by Nikolai and Renata. Each Breedmate has something special about her. For Mira it is her eyes. If you look into her eyes you will see your future. But this comes at a price. Each time someone sees their future, Mira loses a bit of her sight. Consequently she uses violet contact lenses, both to save her sight and to save others from a glimpse of the future. A vision she cannot control.

As a Breedmate she will fall in love and bond to a Breed. For Mira that Breed was Kellan. Unfortunately eight years earlier Kellan was in an explosion. Though his body was not recovered he was believed dead. For eight long years Mira has grieved.  She has grown into a formidable warrior and heads a patrol group. In her heart though she is still searching for those responsible for her true love's death. Finding one of those and fighting him is what gets Mira into trouble. She gets assigned to "babysitting" a scientist as punishment.  Actually her assignment is to deliver him safely to receive an award on the eve of the peace summit. When she arrives to pick up Jeremy she finds him being kidnapped by rebels. She fights for him but ends up captive herself.  Nathan, a Breed who was raised with Mira and Kellan and is their best friend, is assigned to locate and return her. It turns into a black op meaning the rebels must die. 

I cannot go into more details without giving away the whole book but there are many amazing turns to this book. It is packed with emotion. From fight scenes to the love scenes you need to hold on tight. The love scenes sizzle and nearly set my KFire on fire. Edge of Dawn grabs you and does not let go. 

I really think it is Lara Adrian's best one yet. I cannot recommend this book enough. If you have never read the Midnight Breed series go ahead and read this one. I guarantee you, you will go back and read the rest. This is a 300 page book and I could not put it down until I finished it. Normally I would be bummed now because I have to wait until book 12 comes out. But I think I will read it again. Then I can be bummed. I give Edge of Dawn 5 flaming stars because a book this hot does not have ordinary star power. 

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A Taste of Midnight (Midnight Breed, #9.5)

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Series originally written under the pen name Tina St John and now released under Lara Adrian:
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Have you read any of Lara Adrian's romance books? I have not yet but they are now on my TBR. If you have, please tell me which ones and what you thought. 

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