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Review of Pulse of Heroes by A. Jacob Sweeny


Pulse of Heroes by A. Jacob Sweeny Paperback, 509 pages Kindle Edition by Thalamus Press
*This book was given to me for review. I was not compensated for my review. All opinions expressed are mine.  A Part of  Romancing Your Dark Side Book Tour.* The Blurb: A suspenseful, passionate, paranormal romance that sweeps through the emotions of first love and heartache as it traverses centuries and continents. Michelle used to feel like she was behind in everything, especially school and relationships. Her great aunt from the old country says she is like a bland meal, "no salt or pepper". But in junior year, everything changes. Her father takes a position on the Town Council, a popular boy in school becomes interested in her, and most importantly, the Hekademos Learning Center, a private school for 'troubled' students, moves into her quiet neighborhood amidst the protests of the entire town. After seeing the School Regent…

Review of Whatnots&Doodads by Stacey Kennedy



Whatnots & Doodads by Stacey Kennedy ebook, 47 pages  Liquid Silver Books
*This book was given to me for review. I was not compensated for my review. All opinions expressed are mine.  A Part of Dark Side Book Tours.*
For Bryanna, a witch from the Asheville Coven, magic is on the fritz. Shunned by her coven and her boyfriend Layton for her unruly magic, she seeks a new life for herself. It just so happens, fate steps in and brings her to Strange Hollow--a place where being different is not only acceptable, but encouraged. When Bryanna arrives in Strange Hollow, Zeke, a demon gone good, is burning with Hell’s fire over her. Not only has she set his world ablaze, but he’s found one soul he can save. He’s determined to free her from the insecurities that have damaged her soul. Together they experience lava-hot passion as they weave their way through a tornado of emotions. But when Layton returns for her, will Zeke’s attempts to brea…

Halloween Fun with Suzan Battah and Birthday Wishes!

DATING- Scary or Not?
Well, being new to blogging I hope I’m going to do a good job for your guys. I was born on the 30th of October, so I wonder - does that make me scary to men? I’m not all too familiar with Halloween being Australian but isn’t the 30th of October known as the Night of Death, or something? Or maybe men aren’t scared of me, it’s all just a conspiracy to annoy single ladies with bad dates by the government. I’m going with the government theory.
Being the obvious lover of romance novels and of course I most certainly adore men, no knocking here at all. I’ve just become super picky when it comes to going out on dates. Rules I prefer to adhere to from now on and hope all single ladies have some limitations:
·The man must be well dressed, neat and tidy or at least be able to move in that direction without too much guidance. ·Must have proper hygiene, no stinky men for me and if they wear a really nice cologne, I’m a s…

Review of The Hybrids of 2050 by Ami Blackwelder

The Hybrids of 2050 by Ami Blackwelder Shifter Evolutions  #4 Dystopian Shifter Romance  Paperback, 290 pages Published March 7th 2011 by CreateSpace 

Good Reads: Alaska 2050 Hybrids caught between two worlds. Shifters on the verge of extinction. Humans divided on either side. Summary: Love and betrayal continue. Set in Alaska 2050, Melissa Marn and Bruce Wilder continue their work for the SCM under the hard, maddening General Raul. With military life now a cat and mouse game between Melissa and the General, the hybrids and the SCM, will she still have room for Bruce in her life? Will she ever see her twins again? After betrayal strikes the General for a second time, is Melissa safe? Since the annihilation of the shifters, only two elders remain in Anchorage, and an uncertain future awaits the hybrids. Will Diamond overcome her heartache and loss and find a family with Unseen? When a human joins the team, will he prove to be trustworthy? Will Melissa aid the hybrids in their survival or w…

Halloween Fun with Stephany Simmons Part 2

Halloween Fun Giveaway Entry Form
Stephany Simmons Halloween Fun With Lian and Figg

Part 1 of Stephany's Story can be read here

PART 2 “How do we get back?” I tried to keep my voice steady, to not have a complete freak-out on Lian who was the only person who might be able to get us back. “We have to be smart.” Lian said, “Everything here is about balance. We were sent here magically, we can get out that way.” Lian’s theory was great, in theory. “The problem being that neither of us can do any kind of magic.” I grumbled. “A minor technicality on this side of the veil.” On the other side of what might have generously been called a road, a pinpoint of white light appeared and continued to grow into an oval about my size. Lian pushed me behind him, ready to confront whatever might be coming through. A figure fell onto the gravel emitting a string of swear words that would have made a sailor blush. “The worst thing about being a ghost,” Boyd stood and brushed off his vertical striped bell botto…

Trick or Treat Hop

Happy Halloween Everyone!! Welcome to my blog stop along the Zompacolypse 2011 Hop!
All the blogs are listed below the Rafflecopter Entry for my stop. To enter - Just be a GFC Follower. Then hop on over to the next blog. Oh but before you go look around and see if you see the candy bucket. That's right. There is a candy bucket on several of the stops so be on the lookout for these special "bonus" treats! Also all this past month I have had short stories and Halloween post from guest writers. So when you have some time stop in and check those out.  Lots of treats from some awesome writers and you can see what books they wrote on the guest post. 
I will be giving away an EBook copy of Zombies Ain't Funny - The Anthologyto 3 lucky winners. 

Zombies Ain't Funny! These sixteen stories from talented writers scattered across the earth prove otherwise. Zombie Humor as evidenced by several different viewpoints, styles, and twisted imaginations.
And to 1 lucky winner a copy of …

Halloween Fun with S. Wayne Roberts

One Night a Year… S. Wayne Roberts

One night a year... One night a year in most towns in most parts of the world there comes a holiday. No, I don't mean the one where a jolly old fat man squeezes down your chimney, breaking and entering, just to leave you gifts, and of course for the cookies that his wife likely won't allow in the North Pole due to Santa's diabetes. I don't mean Thanks-gluttony, which is where we gather around the table with folks we likely like less than we'd like and stuff ourselves with food in which is itself stuffed with stuff, nor do I mean any of their other holidays which falls on nights other than the one night a year I speak of here. I mean Halloween. Time travel with me, if you will. Now it's not too far, so you can pack lightly. Maybe a change of undies, as we're discussing a night of Ghosties and Ghoulies, but nothing too formal, minimal toiletries and not likely much of the over night necessity. The time was the mid-90s, the place,…

Halloween Fun with Marlon Pierre-Antoine

Halloween Fun Giveaway Entry Form

October 2nd, 1932
7:05AM It would be wrong to say that I had the dream again last night. Better to say that it came for me.             Just outside the Ormond Plantation house's porch where I stood the old oak tree seemed to stretch on to eternity. It wasn't the oak I saw in my waking hours, a degraded husk whose bare branches bore only the spindly gray webs of moss, no, this tree was lush with golden brown wood and a top rich with the verdant green array of springtime bloom.             In the dead of night that my dream manifested in, the tree was all that I could see: it was my world. A man stood strapped to the bark, body as black as evening, bare chest pressed against the tree trunk as lines of rope coiled around his back, legs and neck stretched and distorted his athletic form.             The loud whip-crack of leather tore through the air. A crowd stood around the bound man, obscured by …