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Poetry with Kimberly LaRocca 2


On Saturdays this month I will be featuring a poem from Kimberly LaRocca. Today's poem is from her book A Black Girl's Poetry for the World.

Here is this week's pick. I hope you enjoy it. I think it is perfect for Halloween month. 
I challenge you To sit in silence. Imagine your worst fear. Close your eyes. Take a sigh. Visualize it's there In front of you. What will you do?  Will you run and hide? Will you take flight or stand and fight Your worse fear from inside?
This poem really challenges you. I have done this many times since reading this poem. Sometimes it works and I am able to visualize the fear, taking control. Other times the fear just freezes me. I keep working on those. What our fear are is the worst Halloween fright ever. Being able to visualize it, face it and then visualize a strong outcome you can come to terms with the fear. 
For more from Kimberly you can go to her website HERE. She has additional poetry there.
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