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Interview with Bret Jordan

Bret Jordan will be kicking off the Halloween fun on the blog October 3, 2011 so I thought I  would introduce him to you here first. I love Bret's books. He is an awesome writer. Hope you enjoy meeting him!

Tell us about your latest book please.
My latest book release is a novella entitled The Witch, the Hunter and the Bride. It's an erotic fantasy tale about a hunter and his wife. They live a blissful life deep in the forest. There is just one thing messing it up, the local witch. Only the hunter is aware of her and he doesn't dare tell his wife of her existence for the hunter's knowledge of her comes from adultery. It's not a situation that he has willingly gotten himself into for the witch has him under her spell and calls to him when she wants her needs desired, when she needs his essence for her spells. When he finds the willpower to resists he finds that scorning a witch comes with a terrible cost.
That sounds awesome! I will l be looking forward to reading it.