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ZBurbia Review

Z-Burbia: A Zombie Novel by Jake Bible
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I found this to be an entertaining gem in the Z genre. While it is not a truly realistic portrait of what the zombie apocalypse should look like it is a highly entertaining one. (Actually who really knows what a realistic portrait would be? Who has survived one?) I found this book to have realistic settings and plots that were presented with the dark humor I would expect may be found in an event like this. I know most people wouldn't expect that but I do. I think people are people and after the shock wears off the dark humor and sarcasm would set in. What wasn't realistic is the super human survival and/or skills of some characters. I, fortunately, am a reader who understands the concept of fantasy so this does not bother me. I mention it only because I know some people want only reality in this genre. I enjoy the mix and love humor so this book works well for me. There were some minor flaws in editing but those di…