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Horrifyingly Good

How cool does this book look? 
Here is what people are saying about it:
“In THE HUNT FOR THE GHOULISH BARTENDER, Charles Day brings a wicked sense of fun and a real talent for wild horror-fantasy adventure. Weird, crazy and totally enjoyable!” –Jonathan Maberry, New York Times Bestselling author of ROT & RUIN and FIRE & ASH
"Charles Day adds to the Weird Western genre with HUNT FOR THE GHOULISH BARTENDER, a funny, tense, surprisingly philosophical, and first-page-to-last *fun,* the likes of which we haven't seen since Joe Lansdale took us back to the early days of Mud Creek. This is top-notch entertainment, with action that comes at you like bullets from a six-shooter in the hands of Billy the Kid. You *will* hate yourself if you miss this. Not to mention piss off a certain bartender who shall remain nameless ...." -- Bram Stoker Award-Winner Gary A. Braunbeck, author of TO EACH THEIR DARKNESS, ROSE OF SHARON and OTHER …

I Love Jenni Rivera

An Unauthorized Biography of Jenni Rivera
Marc Shapiro
Charlie Vazquez

(I received a copy of this book from NetGalley for review. The review reflects my honest thoughts about the book. No compensation was  received.)

I loved Jenni Rivera. I love her music. To me she was a strong Latina. She empowered women. She gave the impression she really cared about her fans. This book confirmed that. I felt that it gave a true accounting of Jenni. Jenni Rivera, like all of us, was not a perfect person. The book does not try to make her one. I felt the authors of the book gave us an honest look at Jenni and her life.  She was someone who made mistakes but got back up and kept going. This is what I took from her music. I was happy to see that in this book about her. I would recommend this book to not only fans of Jenni but to those curious about who she was. It is an interesting and fast read.
In case you have not heard  Jenni Rivera 's music:

One of my favorites Basta Ya