Sunday, June 26, 2011

Blood. Just Blood. Nothing True About It.

Is it just me or does Hollywood ruin every book it gets hold of? Book four of Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse series had the potential to make season four of True Blood awesome. Instead I was left thinking, what the hell did I just watch? I realized in Season 1 that things were not going to go by the book. I expected some changes. Hollywood always does that. But come on. If it is based on the books shouldn't it resemble them in some way other than having the same characters in both? I mean how loose is loosely translated? I have tried to keep in mind they are 2 different entities. But I was still lost during this episode. Sookie was lost in faerie land for a year. Jason is a cop, he sold Sookie's house and looks like he is in some trouble out in Hotshot. Looks like Andy is a V addict.  Hoyt and Jessica are living together and it seems shaky. She is looking like she may be interesting this season. Maybe some action with Pam as her mentor? I love Pam. Tara is a lesbian mma fighter telling her girlfriend her family is in Atlanta and ignoring a text that Sookie is alive. Jesse is trying to hook Lafayette up with witches. Arlene's baby, Mikey, seems to be possessed by Rene or some demon. Tommy, Sam's brother is being "mothered" by Hoyt's momma. And the biggie....Bill is King and Eric is under him. WHAT?  Right now the best part of this episode was the last 10 minutes when Sookie pulled off her clothes and Eric was in the room behind her. It was so good to hear him say,"... You. Are. Mine." Seems like a lot of different story lines with a lot of "others" being brought in. I hope this doesn't confuse things on the show or result in some of the bigger story lines getting much smaller. Hopefully the season will improve. I really enjoyed Book Four and would like to see some of it this season.

Most of what follows is true, even the fiction. It contains cigarette smoking, drinking, occasional suicidal thoughts, and, yes, sex, because I know you like that sort of thing. It's been a strange life. It's been my life.

Features stories, poems, and essays on relationships, romance, writing, and taking oneself far too seriously. Plus some humor. You may laugh, you may cry, you may decide you want to be a writer, too.

You may hate me after if it's over. That's okay. You wouldn't be the first.

I really enjoyed Scott Nicholson's These Things Happened. This is a collection of essays, short stories and poems about life. I loved the humor of Postcards From A Book Tour. I could imagine writing these home to my mom. Others may make you feel sadness or anger. And doesn't a good book do that...make you feel? A good book to have handy for coffee shop or lunchtime reading.

Scott Nicholson has written over 20 books. most in the horror genre. He is also the author of a few children's book, ( our favorite being Too Many Witches), and six screenplays. His books can be found at on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. 

You may visit the author at Or join his yahoo group at

Alone In The Mist by Bret Jordan

Waking one morning to discover his family missing, Jeff Taylor finds himself a prisoner in his own home. A thick fog has converged on the house, preventing any escape. Inside the walls, Jeff is unable to call for help, and the laws of time and space seem to no longer apply. Now Jeff must take stock of his life as he investigates the emptiness closing in on all sides. The ghostly whispers of his missing family are the only indication that he may not be…alone in the mist.

Alone in the Mist

Alone In The Mist is an enjoyable short story.

Imagine waking up from a nightmare only to find you are in a nightmare. You can't get anything electrical to work, you can't find your family, and there is a strange mist out side your house. This is what happened to Jeff. Except maybe there was no nightmare. Maybe the nightmare was reality. Maybe reality IS the nightmare. Where has everyone gone? You can't call anyone, computer doesn't work, you can't even get coffee and the mist won't go away.

The perfect story to read on a foggy morning while enjoying a cup of a coffee shop.  Because you don't want to be alone in your house with the mist outside.

You may purchase this book at

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