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Guest Post with Deborah McCarragher

Faith As A Mustard Seed
There will be times in your spiritually mismatched marriage when you’ll be challenged to look full face at your faith level.  Do you really think your husband will embrace Christianity and become a new creature in Christ?  Below is a wonderful example of “faith in action” in the Bible.
In New Testament biblical times, a centurion was the commander of one-hundred soldiers in the Roman army.  This particular centurion lived in Capernaum, a thriving town on the Sea of Galilee, and had been instrumental in building a synagogue for the Jews there.  Though he was a gentile, he had a great affinity for the people of Capernaum, and was a godly man, well respected by all.
Luke 7:2-10 tells us the story of the Roman centurion.  This centurion was endeared to his servant, who was sick with the palsy (paralysis).  The local physicians were unable to help him.  This particular servant was very valuable, which is perhaps why he was compelled to seek out the infamous “Great Phys…