Saturday, October 11, 2014

After The End by Bonnie Dee

After the EndAfter the End by Bonnie Dee
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Wow. I really wasn't expecting a lot when I requested to review this book. I had never heard of the author and it was listed as a zombie romance type, (romance during the apocalypse not zombies in love - there would be a book: "oh I love you so much because you are so smart. Just let me have one taste of your brains. I promise I'll still love you in the morning and I will stop if you say to." Haha). So I was really surprised to find that I really enjoyed it. Yes the editing could have been better but quite honestly I have read some books lately by the big names and guess what? The editing could have been better. I don't know what is going on with that but it seems to be the start of an issue that is no longer limited to self publishing. I did not find the editing mistakes in this book to hamper my enjoyment of the book. The book is pretty much basic zombie fare - the hero, the female who starts out weak but turns out strong, the ditz, the geek, the guy with the antidote who needs to be kept safe,the older wealthy female, the strong black female and the lesbian couple. The author added in a couple of children, one teen and one younger. I thought she did a good job with getting me to care about the characters. I like the way she pulled them together to help each other but also wasn't afraid to tear them apart. This book delves into the thoughts of our hero. We see the way he is thinking and feeling. I like that the author made him a human hero. He has bad thoughts. He has realistic thoughts. He has tired thoughts and he has typical sexual thoughts. I know a lot of people think sex isn't going to happen in a zombie outbreak, (unless it is rape - which seems to be expected), but the reality is it will. People are people. Attractions will be there and sexual release will happen. I thought Bonnie Dee did a good job with the people she chose as the romantic interests. The timing of the unfolding was paced well. It is a z outbreak. Things happen fast because death is waiting. There is also plenty of action. The zombies were a bit different in that they seem smarter than usual. Also they do decompose. That was a huge change. I think that, along with the physiological aspect, makes this a book that could go to series very easily. The author has a good grip on what changes the survivors are going through mentally. The ending of the book had me on edge and still does. I want to know more. I want to find out what happens next for the survivors. I want to know ...well, I don't want to give spoilers, so, I just want to know. Check it out. It is on the intense side but also has it's moments of humor and hope. I am looking forward to reading other books by this author.

* I received a copy of the Kindle version of this book for review purposes. All opinions and thoughts are my honest feelings about the book. *

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

ZBurbia Review

Z-Burbia: A Zombie NovelZ-Burbia: A Zombie Novel by Jake Bible
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I found this to be an entertaining gem in the Z genre. While it is not a truly realistic portrait of what the zombie apocalypse should look like it is a highly entertaining one. (Actually who really knows what a realistic portrait would be? Who has survived one?) I found this book to have realistic settings and plots that were presented with the dark humor I would expect may be found in an event like this. I know most people wouldn't expect that but I do. I think people are people and after the shock wears off the dark humor and sarcasm would set in. What wasn't realistic is the super human survival and/or skills of some characters. I, fortunately, am a reader who understands the concept of fantasy so this does not bother me. I mention it only because I know some people want only reality in this genre. I enjoy the mix and love humor so this book works well for me. There were some minor flaws in editing but those did not greatly affect me. I had fun with the book and am reading book 2 now. The cannibal family was absolutely brilliant. I just love Elsbeth! She is my female Darryl (from the Walking Dead TV Series). No this book isn't the Walking dead or World War Z. But it is an enjoyable read. If you are looking at a fun, fast, action packed, irreverent Zbook try this one.

Two favorite moments from the book, (to give you an idea of the writing):

“I hate clowns,” I say. “Why’d you have to bring up clowns? Zs aren’t enough? Gotta talk about the smiley creepy guys too?”
(Kindle Location 1414)

Holy shit, I think I brought home some cannibal savant or something. Rain Man with a taste for people.
(Kindle Locations 2158-2159)

I would recommend this book to the older crowd for language, sexual references and violence. I would think most adults would investigate a little if they are looking in the z genre for a book for their child but you never know. I think clowns should read it too. Yeah they should read them all. Holy cow I just had a thought...there will be clowns who become zombies!! I just know that will the zombie chasing me!

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