Monday, September 9, 2019

Review: Magic and Mystery: Paranormal Cozy Mystery Bundle

Magic and Mystery: Paranormal Cozy Mystery Bundle Magic and Mystery: Paranormal Cozy Mystery Bundle by Lily Webb
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The first book in this boxset, Broomsticks & Burials was my introduction to Lily Webb. I really like Zoe and Luna. Zoe is smart but currently unemployed and staying with her grandma. A job, though, isn’t the only thing Zoe has lost. She has lost her magic. She’s talking to her grandma when she receives the call that changes things. The next day she is off for Moon Grove and a new job! Pretty normal, right? Except Moon Grove is anything but normal. For starters, Luna, her gorgeous cat, can talk. Claude, the bus driver, appears to be a vampire. Her new boss is a werewolf. And how did she come to be petting a man’s bare stomach?
This book was incredibly fun to read! The snark had me rolling! Seriously, do not read this book at night laying next to someone trying to sleep. Particularly if they tend to be grouchy when woken by howling laughter. The characters are some of the most interesting I have met, the mystery was well done and I adored the surprises. I couldn’t wait to read book two, Spellbooks & Stakings. Would it be just as good? Luckily this is a boxset so I didn’t have to wait to find out. In this book Zoe goes to magic school! Very cool, right? I want to go, though I might not want to go through the mean girls thing again, with mean witches this time! We meet more interesting characters, there are plenty of surprises, a mystery to solve and the snark goes on. The answer to my question, would this book as good as the first is a resounding yes! Alchemy & Arson is the title of book three. I’m going to be vague again because I want to start talking up a storm. Spoiler free reviews mean a lot to me though. If I tell you everything there is no reason to read the books. This book finds Zoe getting turned down for having her grandma visit. Her friend, and one of the two council members to vote yes to the visit, Circe has spoken to her about running for Head Witch. Will she or won’t she? There is a Blood Moon rising and grandma is on the way, not knowing the council said no.
I love this series! The boxset is definitely what you want to get if your in the mood for cozy mysteries with a paranormal smorgasbord at a snark fest. Once you start this series, you won’t want to stop. Make sure you either have plenty of free time to read or you are super good at being sick when you find you need to call work for a reading day off or two.

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