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Reviews How to Talk to an Autistic Kid and A Life of Death

I will be reviewing two very different books to day.  The first is one about autism. The second is a coming of age/paranormal/horror book

I received this book in a giveaway hosted by NerdGirl Blogger ( 
How To talk to an Autistic Kid is an awesome book. It is written by 14 year old Daniel Stefanski, who is on the spectrum. He has done a remarkable job educating both his peers and adults. It is a short book, some may call it a picture book for the middle school age. I think we can all learn from it. I am raising an autistic child. It is not easy watching him struggle to have conversations with other who do not understand. I would like to ask every teacher out there to get this book and find a way to share it with your classroom.  I love the way Daniel talks about how autistic children "hear" and "see", (or not see), things. He also brought up important things like getting stuck, not remembering to share, some of the differ…