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Kimberly LaRocca 3

Halloween Fun Book Giveaway Entry
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On Saturdays this month I will be featuring a poem from Kimberly LaRocca. Today's poem is from her book A Black Girl's Poetry for the World.

Here is this week's pick. I hope you enjoy it.
Pain can't last forever. It's got places to go. That bell it rings, And pain's waiting  At another's door,
Consuming who it occupies, Making you believe you died, Taking over everything, Till only it survives.
But... It, too, shall pass, Because nothing ever lasts Of pain. It, too, shall pass.
I love the reminder in this that pain does pass. No matter how awful it feels while you are going through it. No matter how long you believe it will linger. It does eventually move on. It took me quite awhile to learn this lesson in life. I wish I understood it when I was younger as too many times in the past I let pain consume me. Now I try to work through it so it will move on a bit qu…