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Review of Off To Class

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Off To Class: Incredible and Unusual Schools Around the World by Susan Hughes ISBN:978-1926818856 Publisher:Owlkids Books Date of publish: Sept 13, 2011 Pages: 64
* I received this book from the author for review purposes. No compensation was sought or received. The views expressed are my honest opinion.*
Off to Class is a very interesting children's book about some of the different types of schools around the world. As an adult I found this to be a very helpful book. Living in Alaska, I am very aware of the need to think out of the box when a local school is not always an option. I found this book to be fascinating and inspiring. Education is one of the most important things we can give the children of the world. Survival everywhere depends on it. The innovative ideas of the many schools depicted in this book is truly wondrous to read. I think it will open the e…

Halloween Fun with A.C. Hall

Halloween Fun Book Giveaway
(A. C. Hall is a participating author in the giveaway)

Deck 57 By A.C. Hall
      “The man stood completely still, alone in the darkness.  He dared not breathe.  Just when he thought it was safe to relax, he heard it again.  The scraping of a metal hook against his front door.”        The storyteller was surrounded by a throng of kids, all of them entranced by his scary story.  On the outer edge of the group stood four teenagers.        “This is lame,” Curt said.        He crossed his arms, taking care to keep his muscles flexed as long as Brittany was looking his way.  She was standing right beside him, and Curt never missed an opportunity to try to impress her.           “It’s Halloween,” Kenny said.        Curt reached over and flicked the glasses off of Kenny’s head.  The slightly overweight teen’s cheeks turned red as he bent down to retrieve them from the metal floor.        “Don’t be such a nerd,” Curt teased.        “Leave him alone, Kenny,” Trevor said.…