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On the trail in Alaska

I love hiking. In Juneau there are many trails to go hiking on. Over the years I have been on most of them. Since I have been ill, I haven't been able to go on those hikes. I miss them so much. Now that the radio active meds are done with I am hopeful for a return of many things; catching up on this blog, cooking and hiking being at the top of the list. I have been warned that it will take awhile for the radiation to leave my body and that it could take a year to feel right again. My plan is to do what I can while working toward expanding what I can.
With that as my plan, I will share a couple of brief videos from the trail. The star of the video is SP. I started calling him SP, (for Skilled Protector), when I began discussing him with some online friends. I would tell them are many adventures of those wonderful hikes in the woods. I am not young. I am not in "shape" though I have a shape. These hikes, (which I now love and really do miss them), were fun filled adventure…