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Review - Vampire Blood

Vampire Blood Kathryn Meyer Griffith
I first read Human No Longer which was the second book. Vampire Blood was the first and I must say I do wish I read it first. That most likely comes from my OCD more than anything. I think both books could be read as stand alones. 

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In Human No Longer we read the story of a woman who lost her husband in a vicious attack which she barely survived. She decides to move back to her childhood home with her two children. As days go by we learn that Jenny is being changed into a vampire. The book then is her story of fighting the change and also her battle with vampires who are looking for her.
In Vampire Blood we have the story of Jenny, divorced and living in a trailer on her father's property. She is helping her dad renovate a friends' home when the owners are suddenly missing. Jenny learns they are not the only ones missing. Several people have been reported missing lately. Next door to her brothers' restaurant is an old closed …