Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Review: Assailants, Asphalt & Alibis

Assailants, Asphalt & Alibis Assailants, Asphalt & Alibis by Tonya Kappes
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book! I have enjoyed many books by Tonya Kappes since I discovered her. But this book! I have not laughed so hard while reading in awhile. I laughed until my belly ached and I had tears falling. I knew I was going to love this mystery when I heard it involved the John Swift tale. I heard that story when I was growing up. I knew if that tale was a part of the mystery, the Laundry Ladies were going hunting. I did not expect all the hilarity though. I just love this book! There are a couple of bodies because where Mae West goes a body is sure to follow. The mystery was well done. I loved the tie to another happening in the Daniel Boone Forest. That’s another thing I had known about for years so I found that very interesting. If you’re looking for a rollicking camping mystery this is your book.
It is eighth in the Campers & Criminals Series. You don’t need to read them in order as each mystery wraps up. The most fun, though, comes from reading them all.

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Review: The Ex Hex

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