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Book Talk,Rambling and a Contest too

I am reading a few different books right now. I tend to flip from book to book, depending on where I am reading and my mood. So it is not unusual for me to have 4 or 5 books going at the same time. A lot of my friends ask me how I do that. In reality I thought everybody read like this. I don't get characters or plots confused. I think it is because I tend to look at books as  friends. My favorites become family. Your friends and family are made up of all different characters with all different plots going on. Generally you don't confuse them. Thinking about the reactions that confusing my family/friends could cause just distracted me and I had to laugh.  That could really cause some major fireworks. My circle is made up of a variety of types of people. I tend to take you as you are and not worrying about changing you. I mean if you choose to be with someone on any level doesn't that mean you like them? So why change them? Wouldn't that turn them into someone you have a…