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My Bookworm Santa

Jenn from Books & Barksposted about this and I thought it looked like fun so I signed up too!

'My Bookworm Santa' is an event that Bree from The Magic Atticand Michelle BookBriefs got together and planned. 

My Bookworm Santa is the book blogger's version of  'Secret Santa.' So you sign up via the form on one of the host pages linked above, and they will pair you up with another random entrant. If you're only willing to ship to America, they will pair you up with someone from America.(remember though, that the Book Depository ships free to most countries. This is a good way to meet some international book bloggers)  They will send your paired blogger's wishlist and address to you, and your wishlist and address to them. Then, before December 10th, they will ask that you purchase a book from the wishlist they sent over, and send the book to your randomly selected blogger. And on Christmas (December 25th), you'll reveal yourself to the other person, and h…

Review The Facts Speak For Themselves - Brock Cole & FF

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The Facts Speak For Themselves by Brock Cole ebook, 178 pages Published September 9th 2009 by namelos (first published 1993)

From Good Reads: The subject is a white female, age thirteen. Her score on the standard Stanford-Binet puts her in the low-average quarter of her age group. She appears to be in good physical health. She is small for her age, but sturdily built. She reports that her first onset of menses occurred seven months ago. Her periods are scanty and irregular. A long history of sexual abuse. Offended by her social workers report, above, Linda decides to tell her own version of her life and circumstances. The Facts Speak for Themselves is Linda's story, an uncompromising look at a sexually active adolescent adrift in a world where she is more responsible than the adults around her.
From me: I chose this book, (which I purchased), as I am trying to read a number of the books on the Banned Book list that …