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Guest Post - Holli Pfau

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Lost and Found
Dogs always find us when we’re feeling lost.
I’m not talking about search and rescue dogs, the acknowledged heroes of the canine world.  I’m talking about the closer-to-home, garden variety rescue dog that is probably sitting at your feet right now.
These unheralded, sensitive and life-saving dogs probably do more to keep us humans on course and an even keel than we recognize.
My first golden retriever, Nikki, helped me to answer one of those Big Questions:  What shall I do with my life to really make a difference?  While I gnashed my teeth over this one, and fumbled with professional guidance, and chased my own tail in the process, little Nik, still a youngster at the time, patiently followed me around, gazed wisely into my eyes, and waited for me to see what she already knew.  A whole new career in animal-assisted therapy would let us work side by side in hospital rooms to offer her kindness, lo…