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Poetry with Kimberly LaRocca

On Saturdays this month I will be featuring a poem from Kimberly LaRocca. Today's poem is from her book A Black Girl's Poetry for the World.

Because this month the theme is Halloween I will try to choose poems that fit in with some concepts associated with it. So today I am going to feature a poem that deals with ending pain,  and uses words that are common in Halloween stories, (killing, spirit, the end, fog, goodbye).
Ending the Pain Kimberly LaRocca
This world of pain, So much to bear. It's all around, Staining the air. All consuming, Everywhere, And I cannot escape.
Killing my mind And spirit, too, Like the way That evil does. Won't let me see a day  Beyond today.
Now is the end for me, Stealing my light, breathlessly. I try to fight, But, through the fog I can't see.
So I say my last goodbye. I'll be with you forever now. A better place awaits me. The pain will end, finally.

I really like this poem. At first it brought back memories of some really dark periods in my life. Not exa…