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Bringer of Fire - Review

Bringer of Fire
Jaz Primo
Rutherford Literary Group LLC
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Bringer of Fire is the first book in a new series by Jaz Primo of Sunset Vampires fame.  I love Jaz’s Sunset Vampire series but this book is different. Do not look for vampires to be in it. Logan Bringer has a different super power. Be prepared to be blown away. Logan Bringer was an ordinary guy. He has friends and family that care about him. He played football in high school, served six years in the army and went to college. He also has brain cancer and has been undergoing experimental treatments at The Nuclegene Cancer Treatment Center.  The center just happens to be located inside The Wallace Building. A building that was blown up on a day he was supposed to be there. Whoever thought coming down with the flu could be lucky?
Or was it? Logan and Maria, the P.A. at the center, are the only su…