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Reviews of The Pearl Savage and The Savage Blood by Tamara Rose Blodgett

The Pearl Savage by Tamara Rose Blodgett Kindle Edition  The Pearl Savage Kindle Link
Good Reads Synopsis: "The Guardians," have saved a fragment of 1890s America in nineteen spheres when a natural disaster threatened to drive humanity to extinction. One hundred forty years later, Clara is a seventeen-year old princess that feels a great obligation to her kingdom that is encased in a steam-engineered, bio-sphere for their survival. Clara's father, King Raymond, passes away when she is only twelve, leaving the Kingdom of Ohio in the sadistic rule of her mother. Queen Ada has promised Clara's hand in marriage to an abusive prince of a neighboring sphere. When it's discovered that there are people outside the sphere that did survive, Clara deliberates on escaping Outside to a future free of abuse and tyranny. Unbeknownst to Clara, the Clan people of the Outside have their own calamity and set of perils. Those two objectives collide in an emotional and tumultuous story o…

Review of Spin The Plate by Donna Anastasi

Spin The Plate by Donna Anastasi Paperback, Second Edition - July 2011, 196 pages Kindle Edition Published by Black Rose Writing

"Spin the Plate" is the story of Jo, a woman who has come through a traumatic childhood, not battered and broken, but powerful and enraged. A tattoo artist by day, she roams the streets of Boston at night to forget her past and feed her two passions: rescuing mistreated creatures and inflicting bodily harm on their perpetrators. Unassuming and unafraid, Francis, a man harboring a secret of his own, is the one person Jo can't seem to scare off. Right from the start, he sees clearly the caring soul buried deep within Jo's hard exterior and puts into motion a succession of life-altering happenings.

Winner of 2011 Gold Medal in Women's Fiction, Living Now Book Awards
2011 International Book Award Finalist, Romance and Chick Lit Categories .

*Book was reviewed with no compensation. All opinions are mine.*
I can't say I enjoyed this book because …

12 Days of Christmas with Phil Truman

12 Days of Christmas Extravaganza is being brought to you by Peggy at Pawing Through Books, Jennifer at Books and Barks, and myself. 
Each day for the next 12 days each of our blogs will feature a different author. There will be guest posts, interviews and giveaways! So be sure to stop at each blog to join in the fun!

A special thank you to all the authors who are participating and those who have donated prizes!
Merry Christmas!

Today's guest is:
Phil Truman
TheQuestion ofSanta

“Is Santa real, Gramp?” The boy’s gramp, White Oxley, drove on quietly for a few seconds, trying to decide what tack to take with this question. It was one of those a child asks, whose answer would become a defining moment in that young life. Most parents preferred to put off answering such questions. White could think of three: Is Santa real? Is the Tooth Fairy real? and What is sex? It was an awesome responsibility. White had to be careful. They were headed into town, WalMart to be exact. Jakey had spent the night…