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Dopamalovi Books Meet the Staff!

Hi all! Today we continue with Dopamalovi Books. Yesterday we met the authors and saw the books. Today we will continue on with the staff.  You can browse the site at spend the night with us!

Created by Terrence Scott
First up say hello toDopamalovi Owner and Editor:


Donna Jean Lyons dwells in the secluded mountains of West Virginia with her longtime girlfriend, Missy, and two furry buddies, Merlin and Magick. When she isn’t spinning new tales, she can be found editing manuscripts for her publishing company, Dopamalovi Books, or reading new submissions. Her days carry her away to places few would like to visit, and her nights are spent with a cast of unsavory characters that few would want to meet. But she wouldn’t have it any other way. She loves her company, her extraordinary staff, and her amazing authors. And Donna wholeheartedly acknowledges the fact that Dopamalovi Books wouldn’t be the company it is today without them. It is her …