Friday, March 2, 2012

Dopamalovi Books Meet the Staff!

Hi all! Today we continue with Dopamalovi Books. Yesterday we met the authors and saw the books. Today we will continue on with the staff.  You can browse the site at  Come spend the night with us!

Created by Terrence Scott

First up say hello to Dopamalovi Owner and Editor:


Donna Jean Lyons dwells in the secluded mountains of West Virginia with her longtime girlfriend, Missy, and two furry buddies, Merlin and Magick. When she isn’t spinning new tales, she can be found editing manuscripts for her publishing company, Dopamalovi Books, or reading new submissions. Her days carry her away to places few would like to visit, and her nights are spent with a cast of unsavory characters that few would want to meet. But she wouldn’t have it any other way. She loves her company, her extraordinary staff, and her amazing authors. And Donna wholeheartedly acknowledges the fact that Dopamalovi Books wouldn’t be the company it is today without them. It is her greatest desire to release books that stimulate the mind of the reader, allowing them an escape, helping them to lose their worries inside the pages, while pushing the boundaries of what they expect from a publishing company.


Charlotte Emma Gledson

Charlotte Emma Gledson currently resides in the south-coastal town of Gosport, UK. Her heart however yearns to return to her roots in the Northwest of England, specifically Cumbria. With over 30 stories and poems published in anthologies and magazines, including, ‘The Serial Killer Magazine’, Charlotte is also penning a supernatural novel entitled ‘Bluebells for my Baby’. Her collection of unsettling stories, 'The Lonely Tree and Other Twisted Tales of Torment' is available at all good book retailers. Married with four gregarious children and a collection of ventriloquist dummies and porcelain dolls, she finds time relaxing while sipping wine, singing Karaoke, and going on paranormal investigations.


Terrence Scott

Terrence Scott spends most of his time imagining what makes people afraid, and where there are no places to hide from the things that come out of the darkness. As a result he writes constantly to exercise the demons from his head. This is only marginally effective. When he is not picturing someone’s horrible demise, he likes to dig graves to understand how long it would take, wonders how razor-sharp claws might tear through a body, and how much blood is actually in a human being.

He does not get invited to many parties.


Angela Via

Angela Via grew up in the mountains of rural Virginia and in rural north central Florida. She is currently adjusting to the shock of urban life in Tampa, Florida where she attends graduate school. Nature provides Angela with peace and solitude. She sees beauty in the simplest things, and tries to capture that sight and emotion with her camera.


Cristina Gutierrez

Cristina Gutierrez is a mom and grandma. She began reading at age 3 and hasn’t stopped yet. The first book she read was Barney the Beagle, still a favorite. She hung out a lot at local libraries and can now be found around town with Kindle in hand. She collects cookbooks and faeries, enjoys hiking and movies. Much like her reading habit of giving any and all books a chance, she will watch any movie that catches her attention. She loves her family and friends, East Kentucky and Alaska. On a blind double date her best friend Yolanda set her hair on fire. She wants to come back as Johnny Depp’s alien girlfriend because aliens get to probe. She lives in Alaska with her grandson

Yes this is me. The title still freaks me out. I can be found on Twitter, FaceBook and GoodReads. 


Sue James

Sue James is a Braxton County, West Virginia native. She attended Florida State University and graduated with a Masters in Social Work (MSW). Twenty-two years later she retired as a clinical social worker and followed her heart back to the Appalachian Mountains, she calls home. She owns beagles and enjoys competing in field trails across West Virginia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Ohio, and the surrounding areas. Mrs. James is an avid reader and a young great-grandmother who enjoys family, friends, and good times.

Now you have met everyone. Yes we are a small but tight group of good people. I hope you have enjoyed meeting us all. We are happy to help you if we can. Head over to DOPAMALOVI BOOKS and  check us out. The site looks great. The books are awesome. 
Follow us on Twitter!/dopamalovibooks.  Like us on  FaceBook Be sure to say hello to us. We answer back. 

Please comment below and let us know which book or books have caught your eye. We love hearing from you and there may be a surprise for you. 


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