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Canaries in a Coal Mine by Ted Krever

Today I am honored to bring you a special guest post by Ted Krever. Ted is the author of  several books. I first learned of him after coming across his book Mindbenders on Good Reads. I was looking for a book to take me into a genre I do not usually read. It turned out to be on my list of top 10 books I read in 2011. I will tell you more about Ted's books at the end of his post. Thank you Ted for sharing this with us.
Canaries in a Coal Mine
Canaries in a coal mine, that’s what I keep thinking.
Miners would carry a canary in a cage down the shaft with them to detect gas leaks. If the canary stopped chirping, that was the alarm to clear out, the early warning of something very wrong.
As I sit here, with the 9/11 anniversary approaching, thinking about the people most directly affected by that day—the veterans of our foreign wars—that’s what keeps coming back to me: canaries in a coal mine.
Because what could be more telling than the way we treat the people who risk their lives for us?