Thursday, December 26, 2019

Review: Address For Murder

Address For Murder Address For Murder by Tonya Kappes
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the second book in Tonya Kappes new mail carrier series. I like Bernie a lot. She is 50, a single parent to an adult son and works as a mail carrier in a small town. Her husband is deceased. He cheated on her throughout the marriage. I think that alone complicates things for Bernie. She has a male friend but it has been hard for her to move on. If your thinking this is a cozy, right? Yes, it is. But it does have a romance storyline that has been as strong, in my opinion, as the mysteries. For me, it works well. Bernie is like a lot of women who find themselves single at 50 after being a couple for many years. You are dealing with a variety of feelings while navigating your new role in life. You’re still a mom, you still feel married but neither child nor husband is in the home and well meaning friends are ready for you to date. I enjoy this part of the ongoing storyline and it is this storyline that makes me recommend starting with the first book and going in order. The mystery is interesting with several obvious suspects. The trouble is, none of them seem to be the right one. I kept changing my mind! There were also some surprises. I’m not going further with that as then you wouldn’t need to read the book.
You can read it as a stand-alone if you insist. I recommend in order with Tonya Kappes books. She tends to build worlds with interesting characters, fun pets and quaint towns. You are easily invested from the start and you don’t want to miss anything. Once you open a book, you will find yourself transported, a member of her small towns. Get comfortable and enjoy the people, gossip and mystery. There is ice tea, coffee and plenty of good food. Pet the dogs and mind the cats. Life is going to be good for a few hours.

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