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Zombified Review

Zombified by Lyra Mcken

This was an interesting Zbook. It is told from Cassie's, (a teenage girl), viewpoint. She is in school, writing a note to her best friend about her crush. Pretty normal high school day. Until the principal makes an announcement for everyone to get into a classroom and the doors are to be locked. Then she watches a slow moving bloody guy make his way to her classroom and break through the window. There ends normal.

This was a fun book to read. The author did an excellent job bringing back high school, crushes and humiliation. Cassie is wonderfully written. She is all at once, average, intelligent, funny, sarcastic and strangely, (as she becomes a zombie), a survivor. Normally the running, hiding and trying to find help are the live surviving people. In this book it is the bitten; though there was one unbitten survivor in the group. That provided some interesting dilemmas. Zombified is a different take on zombies. I am very interested in seeing where the author takes this. I highly recommend this novella. I believe it is going to be a fun series.

This book is older teen friendly in that there is no explicit sex or language. There is violence, (it is a zombie book), that does include an attempted rape. While I am not fond of rape scenes, (attempted or completed), I do understand that in a world turned upside down this is a reality. The author handled that graciously without the use of excessive nudity and violence.

Emily Walker is a writer with Midnight Hour Publishing who writes as Lyra Mcken for GMTA Publishing , Jewels Moss for  Midnight Hour Publishing and self publishes. 

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