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Introducing Dopamalovi Books

Hi everyone! I am still down with the back injury but will do my best to get some reviews posted, news on upcoming books and of course some future giveaways on the blog in March. April is my birthday month so there will be lots of birthday fun to look forward to. Be sure to follow the blog with Linkys and/or Networked Blogs if you are not a Blogger user. I am waiting to see what the change today brings. *sigh*

Today also brings a happy event.....The official launching of Dopamalovi Books! Yay! Now you may be asking who? What? A new book publisher? Yes and no. Dopamalovi has been around putting out books for the past year at least, working with a small but tight community of staff. Things are going very well and so now we are having a Blast Off With Dopamalovi Books!

Here is an awesome and I do mean AWESOME, book trailer made by a very talented young man who you will meet in a few moments. The trailer will show you who we are and provide you with some cover lust moments. So check it out.…