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A Drunken Visit with Kat Nove

If I Can't Wave Like A Princess I Must Be A Loser Kat Nove

Today I will be reviewing Kat Nove's book If I Can't Wave Like A Princess I Must Be A Loser. But first a treat. Kat is in the house! The tequila is flowing so be prepared. I had set out a nice little spread of dainty teacakes and cucumber sandwiches with tea. Okay I am lying. I do not drink tea and right now the closest you are getting to teacakes in my house is some Samoan Girl Scout Cookies, (thank you to all the Girl Scouts who sell these wonderful cookies every year at the local Fred Meyers). So for this monumental meeting I set out Coronas with lime and salt and Ceviche Tostada Chips (just top a bunch of tortilla chips with a bit of ceviche and swoon from the deliciousness). Kat walked in with PatrĂ³n. It went uphill from there. Or downhill. Depends on the moment. 

Me: Hi Kat! Come on in and get comfortable.
Kat: Wow! your house looks nice and clean.
Me:  Yeah I cleaned it just for you. Had I known what a true slob …