Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Teaser Tuesday and Featured Author - J. R. Rain

Teaser Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by Should Be Reading. Pick a page and a couple of teaser sentences from that page to share. I learned of it from booksandbarks

 Moon Dance (Vampire for Hire #1)

I love the  Vampire for Hire series. Samantha Moon is a , mom, wife - soon to be divorced, former federal agent,  private investigator and vampire. Before being bitten she had a good marriage, good job, and a normal life with her children. After being bitten she tries to keep things going the same but with a job change. Unfortunately things rarely work out the way we want. In Moon Dance her client is a male who was shot 5 times, in the head, and survived. He wants to know who shot him. We know right off something is different about him.  She has a cyber friend she met in a chat room called Creatures of the Night. His name is Fang950 or just Fang. He seems to be the only person Samantha is able to talk to honestly about anything and everything. This teaser,(found on page 77), is from one of their conversations...

Do you believe I am a vampire, Fang?
You have asked me this a hundred times, he answered.
And I have conveniently forgotten your answer a hundred times.
Yes, he wrote. I believe you are a vampire.
Why do you believe I am a vampire?
Because you told me you are.
And you believe that?
I took in some air, then typed: I sucked the blood from a dead man last night.
There was a long pause before he wrote: Did you kill him, Moon dance?
No, I didn't. He was already dead, part of a gang that attacked me. He was accidentally shot by someone in his gang. The shot had been intended for me.

I really love this author's work. In this series there are currently 4 books, (Moon Dance, Vampire Moon, American Vampire and  Moon Child -releasing July 15th ). 
 In addition the very talented Mr Rain has written a variety of novels, short stories, and screenplays. He is the author of several series. In addition to Vampire for Hire, there are The Jim Knighthorse Series, (mystery); The Elvis Mystery Series;  the Spinoza Series, (Vampires); the Grail Quest Trilogy, ( Camelot); The Return of Aladdin Series, ( co-author Piers Anthony); Supernatural Selection Series, (co-author Scott Nicholson); The Cursed Series, (co-author Scott Nicholson), and Vampire Club Series, (co-author Scott Nicholson).  He has something to offer everyone so go check him out.

Something I learned from his website is he comes from a family of writers. How neat is that? 
You can find more information about their books on his website. All of their work is available on the Kindle.

Novels by J R Rain are widely available. To learn more about him, his work and his family's writings please stop by his website.  http://www.jrrain.com . Be sure to sign up for his newsletter while you are there. You seriously do not want to miss a book he puts out!

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