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More Reviews from the Spectrum & the Giveaway

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Hi everyone! Junior is back with me for some more reviews

Here are the books
Honestly, Little Red Riding Hood Was Rotten!:  The Story of Little Red Riding Hood As Told By The Wolf by(Illustrator)
Picture Window Books – Capstone
His Review:
"I like the pictures a lot, especially the wolf. I love the pictures of the wolf! It was a funny book. The wolf loves apples and knows all the kinds. I think Red Riding Hood should have taken some apples with her to give him. I think when we hike we should take apples. If Red Riding Hood and Granny gave the wolf something to eat instead of thinking of themselves maybe he would not have eaten them."
My Review:
My grandson is autistic. He knows a lot about being able to name all the types of things that interest him. So that the wolf could name the apples was no surprise. He had no problem relating to that. He reads a lot so he was able to sit through it. I liked the sto…