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Featured Author - Stephany Simmons Voodoo Dues

Stephany Simmons author of Voodoo Dues, available now, graciously granted 
an interview with me. Ms. Simmons, thank you for stopping by and letting us get to know you a little bit.

How did the idea for Voodoo Dues come about?
 I think the starting point was setting the story in my home town, in my neighborhood. It just made the story flow easier. The rest just fell into place from there.
Who do you read? Any favorite book or authors?
Jim Butcher, Charlaine Harris, Christopher Moore, Janet Evanovich (while not UF, she makes me lol.)
From your book, who are the characters most like each of you or who is your favorite?
I think personality wise, I’m most like Lian. Figg is a sort of mashup of my two female best friends. I have to say that Carl quickly grew on me. He’s certainly a fan favorite!
When you enter a room, what theme song is playing?
I’d like to think that it’s the old Wonder Woman tv theme song, but in reality, it’s probably something quite different.
My brother-in-law says that it is the Imperial March from Star Wars (Darth Vader's theme) lol. Oddly enough, I think is just as freaking awesome as the Wonder Woman theme.
People are strange, so finish this sentence:  People think I am strange because…
 I can happily go for spans of weeks without any outside human contact. Usually until a friend accuses me of being a hermit, then I’ll make myself rejoin the real world.
What type of writing atmosphere do you prefer?
My brain is generally a mass of clutter, so In order to make myself focus, I need quiet without too much ouside stimulus.
What is your favorite guilty pleasure?
Ben and Jerry’s Pistachio Pistachio ice cream
What  are you reading now?  
Gil’s All Fright Diner by A. Lee Martinez
Tell us about any upcoming books?
The second installment of the Lian and Figg series should be available sometime this fall.
Where can people find you? (Blogs, websites, book signings )

Ten for the fast round
Dogs or Cats? dogs
Beach or mountains? mountains
Coffee, tea or soda? Coffee (strong and sweet)
Cake or pie? pie
Movie or book? book
Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt? Either one as long as they were playing something really nerdy like a physicist.
Museum or zoo? Museum
Phone call or text? Definitely text. I despise talking on the phone.
Computer games or board games? Computer games
E-reader or real book? E-reader

Voodoo Dues (Lian and Figg)

Voodoo Dues by Stephany Simmons

Ms Simmons is a new author for me. I got this book when the author requested a review. This is no way influenced my review. This is an honest and true review of the book.

Book Synopsis:

As an Anthropologist, Lian Cairn specialized in the study of others, the not so totally human races that exist in the shadows around us. After a life changing event, he decided to leave that career behind to become a bar owner. Settled firmly in his new life, he’s looking forward to the mundane, but finds that his old life isn’t going to disappear as he’d hoped. 

When the local Voodoo Queen’s Grandson is murdered outside his bar, and she comes to Lian for help, he and his quirky bartender Figg, are sucked back into the world he’d hoped to leave behind.

Voodoo Dues introduces us to a new series – The Lian and Figg series. The book starts a little slow but soon I was hooked. Since this is the start of a new series, I liked that it was a slow beginning as it gave me time to get to know the main characters. The characters of Lian and Figg were developed enough to allow you to form a relationship with them and yet mysterious enough to allow for future discoveries. In a series I really like that as it is like a friendship – I still discover ‘new’ things about my friends even after 20+ years. The balance is a hard one to achieve.  Ms Simmons was able to strike that balance. All of her characters are developed enough for you to relate and care for them. My favorite is Carl. I certainly hope to see him in future books. Ms Simmons pays a lot of attention to details and is very good with description. I was able to easily picture the book in my mind as I was reading it. I thought Ms Simmons also portrayed the religion of Voodoo well. She has a mix of truth and also addresses the myths of it in a real way. Over all I found Voodoo Dues to be a suspenseful, fun, fast read. I give it 5 stars. I can’t wait for the next book in the series. Ms Simmons is an author to watch! 

You may find out more from this author on her website 

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