Friday, July 22, 2011

Interesting Indies from Dopamalovi Books

This post is to introduce you to some books that I think look interesting. Let me know what you think. 


Retribution by Alick Harris

What happens when you take everything from a man, but leave him breathing? It’s the 1800s and the Wild West is rife with gangs vying for control and power in a land growing with wealth and stature. It is only the incorruptible lawmen that stand in their way. When the Gaust Gang sets upon Marshal John Steele and slaughters everyone that makes his life worth living, the gang of ruthless outlaws unknowingly allow him to survive their brutal attack. With the help of an impoverished doctor, the Marshal heals from his injuries and vows swift vengeance that only a man with nothing to lose can deliver.

I do not usually read westerns but this one sounds very exciting.


Ollie by Stacy Bolli

Rochelle doesn’t have much: a minimum-wage job, a mobile home in the sticks, and a prescription pill addiction. But she has Ollie, her pet Oscar fish, and she loves him unconditionally. If Ollie were a dog, free to roam around outside, Rochelle might have worried when a fire breaks out at the local chem-lab, releasing noxious fumes into the air. But Ollie is a fish, safe inside his fifty-gallon universe, so there is nothing to fear…or so she thinks. But somehow, inexplicably, Ollie is growing. And he seems to gaze at Rochelle with a new sense of understanding. Is it her imagination, or is Ollie just a little more…well,human these days? For Rochelle, it makes no difference; she’ll love him and protect him despite the cost, even if it breaks her heart. For Ollie, her heart may not be enough.

Scifi and horror usually equals a good mix.  And I like the cover. 


Rosebud by Patricia Clements

McCaffrey, a police officer killed in the line of duty by an unseen assailant, is eternally bound to the road on which she was killed. She spends her time pacing the dusty ground, pitying the other victims of their shared killer, until a chance encounter with a young man named Barry allows her to hitch a ride and possibly achieve the only thing she’s desired since her death. Together, quite literally, they take on the burden of apprehending McCaffrey’s killer, in the hopes of setting free the tortured souls who walk the road.

Supernatural thriller. I hear there is a bit of paranormal romance in this too. This one is calling my name.

A Pirate's Tale

A Pirate's Tale by Bret Jordan

Shipwrecked and washed ashore, the pirate Block wanders a lush, jungle island until he stumbles upon a tribe of natives. Held captive, he is forced to embark on a mission he doesn’t understand, a mission that will test all of his considerable skill. Plotting his escape, Block traverses the labyrinthine, underground caverns of the island, but the creatures he encounters there have a different plan. Now Block must summon all his strength and courage if he hopes to thwart them. But have the natives sent him here to test his mettle, or for something far more sinister?

I like Bret Jordan. Some of you may know this from my posted review of Alone in the Mist.  This is a scifi horror story by him. I noticed in the tags it had zombies. I love zombies. I love pirates. Both in the same book by an author I like just sounds like a winner to me. And isn't that cover kind of creepy awesome?

cover photos and synopsis from Dopamalovi Books

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