Saturday, July 23, 2011

Meet Me at the Tiki Goddess

Jill Marie Landis has written a winner with Mai Tai One On, the first book of the new Tiki Goddess series.  Put on your puka shell necklace, grab a mai tai and get ready for a Hawaiin vacation! This book has all the ingredients for a summer fun read or a cold, "I wish I were in Hawaii", winter read. There is the exotic location, suspense with a couple of murders and kidnappings to solve, romance and the laugh out loud antics of, my favorite dancers, The Hula Maidens. Reading the final chapter I couldn't help but wish the second book was already available. I love this book!

Mai Tai One On by Jill Marie Landis

Book 1 of The Tiki Goddess Series 

Six months ago, if anyone would have told Em Johnson she'd end up divorced, broke, and running the dilapidated Tiki Goddess Bar on the magical North Shore of Kauai she would have told them to shove a swizzle stick up their okole.

As if all that isn't bad enough, when an obnoxious neighbor with a grudge is found dead in the Goddess luau pit, suspicion falls on Em and the rest of the Goddess staff. With the help of a quirky dance troupe of over-the-hill Hula Maidens, Em and the cast of characters must ban together to find the killer and solve the mystery before the next pupu party.

Please see for more on this sizzling new series!


Cameo Renae said...

Sounds like a fun read! I'll have to check it out. Cool blog. I love Alaska! My family lives in Wasilla, and we'll be going up in December to play in the snow. :)

Frances said...

Thank you for stopping by. I will return the favor. This is a fun read. I will probably read it again this winter just for some beach fun. I would love to go to Maui. Have you lived there long?Not sure if I would live there though. I think I would miss our winter too much. :)

Cameo Renae said...

Hi Christina!
I've lived on Maui for 34 years. We lived in Alaska for two years, but moved back after my husbands mom passed away ~ BUT we are planning on moving back up. :) It is definitely a magical place, and that's why the locations of my stories are there. :)

Frances said...

Awesome! Stop in Juneau and we can get some coffee, (or something) while I interview you. LOL. I am looking forward to reading your stories!

Cameo Renae said...

Sounds like a plan! ;) And thanks so much!

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