Thursday, July 14, 2011

Reviews of Hilda and The Onnest Trooth

Hilda - Snow White Revisited

Hilda - Snow White Revisited by Paul Kater

I love Hilda. She is my new hero. Hilda is the type of wicked witch who has her own agenda and follows it. She is not horribly wicked. I found her to be more "fun" wicked. It is an amusing book that answers the question, "why did 7 strangers let a woman they never met stay on in their house?" The answer, of course, is they were horny little men and Snow White wasn't so innocent. I know the editing wasn't always great but look past that. It really was an entertaining read.

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The Onnest Trooth

The Onnest Trooth by Matthew Warren Wilson

The Onnest Trooth is a horror story that, while reading, I kept having flashbacks to Stephen King's early short stories. When I read the final sentence my first reaction was to say out loud, "Oh f**k me!" While Duke's writing may be difficult to read at first, you will get use to it. It is definitely worth the effort and would not be his story if told in a cleaned up version. It really helps you to get into the character of Duke and be able to hear him speaking. Duke has a compelling story to tell, one you will not easily forget. The Onnest Trooth is an edge of the seat, hang on for the ride and leave the lights on type of read.

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