Saturday, July 9, 2011

Weekend Reads

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! It is a great day in Alaska - sunny and warm! Yay! Perfect day for reading on the beach, in the park or in the cemetery. We have some nice ones and I figure if I start reading there now I will be use to it later. Haha. Where do you like to read?

This weekend I plan to finish up reading Mindbenders, (this was a difficult book in that it one of the characters has PTSD from serving in Iraq and my son was in Fallujah for a couple of years at the beginning of the war - I have had to take this one slow); Sand Queen by Helen Benedict, ( which will be coming out soon - a review will be coming up);  Lord of The Vampires by Gena Showalter, (also releasing soon with a review coming up); Hilda - Snow White Revisted by Paul Kater, ( maybe should be titled or How Snow White Lived in a House with 7 Horny Little Men, haha).  

I have a long list of To Be Read books that keeps growing. So many wonderful books out there to choose from. Isn't it wonderful?  Upcoming books scheduled for review include

The Z Word by Bella Street by RW Bennet and D. Michael Whelan
Realm of Fire by Leanore Elliot and Lea-Ellen Borg
Curious Eat Themselves by John Staley
How to Survive A Garden Gnome Attack: Defend Yourself When The Lawn Warriors Strike By Chuck Sambuchino
More from Scott Nicholson
Jaz Primo
Lisa Tawn Bergren
A great Taco cookbook that will be coming out this fall. 
And lots of other funny, scary, romantic, biting books. I am waiting on a few in the mail. I love the Kindle because there is no wait time to start. However I have to admit I am addicted to the smell and feel of a print book. It is so intoxicating! 

What are you reading this weekend? What is on your To Be Read list?


Anonymous said...

Right now I'm reading The Daybreakers by Louis L'Amour. By the time the weekend rolls around I should be reading American Gods by Neil Gaiman.

Frances said...

The Daybreakers is part of a series isn't it? How did you like it?

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