Saturday, August 6, 2011

More Reviews from the Spectrum & the Giveaway

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Hi everyone! Junior is back with me for some more reviews

Here are the books

Honestly, Red Riding Hood Was Rotten!: The Story of Little Red Riding Hood As Told by the Wolf


Honestly, Little Red Riding Hood Was Rotten!: 
The Story of Little Red Riding Hood As Told By The Wolf

Picture Window Books – Capstone

His Review:

 "I like the pictures a lot, especially the wolf. I love the pictures of the wolf! It was a funny book. The wolf loves apples and knows all the kinds. I think Red Riding Hood should have taken some apples with her to give him. I think when we hike we should take apples. If Red Riding Hood and Granny gave the wolf something to eat instead of thinking of themselves maybe he would not have eaten them."

My Review:

My grandson is autistic. He knows a lot about being able to name all the types of things that interest him. So that the wolf could name the apples was no surprise. He had no problem relating to that. He reads a lot so he was able to sit through it. I liked the story myself. I thought it was a very cute picture book. The illustrations were awesome. Even though the wolf eats Granny and Red Riding Hood my grandson did not get scared. He was able to understand the wolf only ate them because he had nothing else to eat. We enjoyed reading this together. I loved hearing him laugh out loud at the wolf. There is a teaching element at 
the back of the book. He was able and interested in answering most of the questions.

We gave Honestly, Red Riding Hood Was Rotten  4 of 5 stars

Back-to-School Rules

Back To School Rules by 
Carolrhoda Picture Books  - Lerner Publishing Group
Expected publication date: 9/01/2011

My Review:

My grandson 
has been attending school for about 2 years. As returning to school is coming up I thought this would be an awesome pick to get ready. I was not disappointed. We loved the book. Percy is off to school and has some rules to share. There are 10 simple rules of what Not to do. Yes they are told from a negative point which may put some people off. I myself prefer to give positive rules of behavior. Not everyone does though. So we all have to deal with both types of rules in daily life. The text was told in rhyme and the rules, though negative, were fun. The illustrations were delightful. My 4 year old understood every one of them. He was not put off by the No's and Don'ts. They were all rules he knew and he was comfortable with them. Rules were presented in a fun way and were understood; which is exactly what I think the author set out to do. 

His Review:

 "I like the pictures. My favorite were the kids hanging from the ceiling and flying through the air. The rules are important. But they forgot one. The most important one. You don't hit the teacher. No smacking her butt or kicking. They really don't like that. I know all about that. I really like this book. I  need to read it every night so I am ready for school.I think teacher's should read it on the first day." 

We gave Back To school Rules 4 of 5 stars


Witches by Cheryl Christian, Wish Williams (Illustrator)
Star Bright Books
Expected publication date 8/15/2011

My Review:

 What a delightful book! One of the best Halloween picture books I have seen. The illustrations were awesome and all inclusive. Having a special needs child this was a pleasant surprise. I really appreciated that the illustrator included special needs children and portrayed them accurately as "normal" children. The text was fun and had the children mixing up potions and daring each other to try them. The author and illustrator were able to capture all the magic and fun of Halloween night without the scary side you often see in Halloween books. The one down side I had is that it looks like it is only available in softcover. I would love it if Star Bright Books made this into a hardcover. The book is a keeper!

His Review:

 "I love it! The pictures are really fun! I like the cats. The children are like kids in my class. The children in the book are having fun just like we do. I want to have a party like the one in this book. Then we can all go trick or treating. That was my favorite part. I hope my library gets this book! Let's read it again."  

We gave Witches 5 of 5 stars!

These books were provided by Net Galley. The books were made available to me in the hope that I would review them, but I was not obligated to do so, nor did I promise positive reviews. 


Jennifer G. said...

Yes, its always good to not smack your teacher in the butt Junior! What a great rule to know. :D

Sidne said...

I also like little red riding hood as told by the wolf. my students when I taught Montessori preschool enjoyed it also. I have a cousin who son is autistic. I just helped her place him in a boarding school, i know that may sound bad, but she was doing more harm than good only because she is not a tough mom. there he has learned to really be discipline. when I visit i work with him and it does require a lot of patience. I get him to learn something and as soon as i leave he challenges her and due to work, her school schedule and three other children and hubby it was wearing her down and she had become overwhelmed and allow him to have his way. i wished i could of brought him back to my home state. The boarding school is only about 30 miles from her and is is GREAT. He comes home most weekends now and one month a summer. Because of his recent improvements he is given more time home, the school is strict about parents enforcing the rules, and if they don't the child time at home is limited. Its a wonderful school and I try to make all the end of the year programs. I even helped out the classroom one year with a program for parent day.

Frances said...

Jenn I just know he tried it out. LOL

Sidne It is very difficult to raise a child on the autism spectrum. Every child on it is different and has different needs. You and your cousin made a very difficult decision. I am proud that you both put her child's needs first. I can imagine how hard it is to place your child in a boarding school. My heart aches for her. I am happy to hear the school is a great one, is close to her home and they are able to have so much time together. It is awesome that you are so supportive of her and her child. I wish the best for you, your cousin, her child and the rest of the family. Thank you for sharing this with me.

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