Saturday, September 17, 2011

Friday Feel Good

Friday Feel Good

I am a little late with this but it is something I have been meaning to jump on for awhile. So KB and Whitesnake forgive me, please, for coming in late. 

This is my feel good for this week. 

My grandson Victor sleeping with his friend. 

If you would like to see KB's please check out 

To join in the fun head over to Whitesnake's and check out his then join the linky. 

I think this is an awesome way to start the weekend feeling right. Hope you will join in! Maybe next week I will get it in on time. LOL

Comments are always welcome!


Bookingly Yours said...

what a cute little baby!

congrats on the feature, new follower!

happy friday!! ;)

Frances said...

Thank you. I love this picture of him. It makes me feel good so I thought it would be good for this. :)Heading over to your blog now.

Whitesnake said...

Now that was a feel good!
Thanks for sharing.

Oh and if ya have a fav recipe we would love ya ta link to our joint blog KB and Whitesnakes Home.
Maybe a favourite ALASKAN recipe? Roasted bear

KB said...

Awww, what a cutie.

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