Review of Ghost Stories and the Unexplained - Emily Hill

Ghost Stories And The Unexplained

Ghost Stories and The Unexplained - Emily Hill
ebook  by A. V. Harrison Publishing

Ghost Stories and The Unexplained is a collection of 7 creepy  stories of unexplained happenings in the authors life.  Emily describes sitting alone in the house at 7 years old waiting for the time to leave for school. She hears something being dragged along the floor which she says sounds like dragging chains. This is followed by a translucent figure that materializes in her parents bedroom. She recognizes her grandfather. Only problem is, her grandfather is not alive.  Her grandfather makes more appearances in the book. There is a chilling recall of an Ouija Board experience when she was 16. I could really relate to that one. I think most of us have a story to tell of the Ouija Board. There are other ghostly happenings in this book that will have you questioning sounds you hear when you know you are alone. I enjoyed this book very much. Most of the stories I could relate to. I have had my own experiences with the unexplained. I liked Emily's way of telling the stories. She sounds like she is telling you a story face to face. You can feel the fear off the pages. If you are looking for a haunting collection of stories then I would recommend this book to you. 

Emily has planned a continuation of ghostly delights with:

She has several books out that are available on her website:



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