Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bookie Friends Favorites Challenge 2012

Bookie Friends Favorites Challenge

I'm nosy. I like to know what everyone is reading. I have found some really interesting books this way. I found been introduced to many authors I did not know through Bookie Friends. So when I came across this challenge I thought it would be a fun and easy way to find some treasures. Okay so it also legitimizes my being nosy. That is a bonus. If you would like to hop on and join in the fun, (especially if your nosy and want an excuse for it), check out the rules and sign up HERE

Basically the way it works is after you sign up, you put up a list, (with Links), to 5 of your favorite books. I know I have hundreds that could go on this. I promise to keep it at 5.  Add the Challenge button to your blog. 

Then you visit the blogs of the others participating and you choose at least 3 books, (it can be more), that you will read and review. They can be chosen at one time or as you go. When you make a selection you need to post it with a link back to the person who suggested it.

Then read and review. Make sure to link your review to the original post. 

Now the hard 5 books. 

  1. The Stoning of Soraya M. by Freidoune Sahebjam
  2. Two Old Women by Velma Wallis 
  3. Ghost on Black Mountain by Ann Hite
  4. The Shining by Stephen King
  5. Gone With The Wind by Margaret Mitchell

The first one I am choosing is ...

 Room by Emma Donoghue from Bree at Diary of a Domestic Goddess

after which I am considering the following:
The Book Thief by Markus Zusak from Jen at The Introverted Reader
Howl's Moving Castle by  Diana Wynne Jones from Jessie at Jessie's Book Place
Still Missing by Chevy Stevens from I'd Rather Be At The Beach

For those who looked for my post earlier I apologize. I have been sick and also have a personal issue I am dealing with. 

Comments Always Welcome!


Bellas Shelf said...

Hi C, how are you this holiday season? I am glad you're feelin a bit better :)
Long time no see huh? That's my fault, I get busy,lazy, and neglect visiting my fave bloggers blogs.
U r 1 away from 400 followers! Thats awesum!
I have been wanting to read "ROOM" myself for quite sometime.
I got it when it first came out way back when.
"The Shining" is one of my all time fave horror fliks! I read the book when I was in 7th grade & it truly scared me!
I turned on my 2nd lamp in my bedroom, locked the door, closed the shades, closet door, etc. then went to sleep! lolz..
I want to re read it now that I am older.
I may check out this meme. I need a good one for Thursday.
Hope all continues to stay well & please come by & say hi when u get a chance :)

Beth(bookaholicmom) said...

I am choosing to read Ghost on Black Mountain for this challenge. I love a good Southern story.

Julie said...

I chose Gone with the Wind and The Stoning of Soraya M. from your list! Good luck with the challenge!

bookie bonus said...

I have read you blog.I am choosing to read Ghost on Black Mountain for this challenge. Thanks for sharing.
bonus bookie

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