Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Featured Series Wednesday

On Wednesdays I will be highlighting a series. For the first one I will choose a series I am currently enjoying..Darkness Within Series by Jennifer Turner.

 I won the these two books of this series from the author. The giveaway was sponsored by the blog . Ms Turner generously also included surprise swag. I had not read either of these books before winning them.

Book 1 Eternal Seduction was an awesome read. I loved this book! It is my favorite new series. The story line was really well written. It is the story of Logan and Kerestyan . Not your usual heroine...she starts out a homeless drug addict and he is a hero that does not sparkle but has a beast inside. There is plenty of action and the heat index shoots way up there. Along with vampires and werewolves, Ms Turner has added Paladins , Harbingers and Servios.  It is fast paced, gritty and funny. I recommend this book to all the Sookie Stackhouse fans who wonder what happened to Eric. 

Book 2 Eternal Hearts was as good as the first. This book is the story of Toni and Drake. Toni is a young vampire who received a video of her mother, brother and sister being killed. Unable to help them she seeks revenge. In going after who she believes is responsible she gets banned from Chicago. The book opens with her seeking to return to Chicago. Drake is a vampire who works for an organization that fulfills contracts, usually taken out on other vampires. This time he is contracted to keep Toni safe until she meets with the Lord of Chicago, without telling her. Unbeknownst to either of them the murder of Toni's family was a contract. One that Drake's best friend fulfilled. 

There is Book 3  Eternal Embrace coming soon. It will be the story of Drake's best friend Oktober. I am so wishing this were out now. Ms Turner is also hard at work on Book 4 Eternal Desires and Book 5 Eternal Embers. 

As Jennifer Turner says: Some vampires don't drink human blood. Some vampires never hurt a soul. Some vampires even sparkle. Real vampires take trophies. Welcome to the Darkness.

You may visit Jennifer Turner at her website where the first 3 chapters from her first 2 books are free. Her website is

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