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Book Gifting Calendar for 2012

Unbelievably I only received books from Jenn, Stephany Simmons and Natasha Larry (and possibly my Secret Santa) this year. I did hear from a few  of you who complained that I was hard to get for because you didn't know what would make me happy.....BOOKS might have been the answer. Just saying because there are still some book giving occasions coming up and I don't want you to blow up your brains thinking about it, (the part about the brains is to children). You still have time.

Oh the book giving occasions? Here is a list:


January is National Hobby Month and reading is my hobby so actually any day in January to help me celebrate my hobby will do. But in case you want an actual date:

New Years coming up this weekend
  Dia de los Mago Reyes on the 6th
Male Watcher's Day on the 8th (good for sizzling hot books - see February for sites)
Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day on the 12th (those hot books again - February hints)
Friday the 13th  
Martin Luther King Birthday on the 16th 


February is Creative Romance Month. It is an excellent time to check out these links for  sizzling books to give any day this monthCarina PressDecadent Publishing, Entangled Publishing, Harlequin to name a few

Imbolc and Candlemas on the 2nd
Abraham Lincoln Birthday on the 12th
Valentine's Day on the 14th 
Do A Grouch A Favor Day on the 16th, (I'm not a grouch but you may know one)
Random Act of Kindness Day on the 17th
Love Your Pet Day on the 20th, (awesome for animal book giving)
International World Thinking Day on the 22nd
Tell A Fairy Tale Day on the 26th, (great for giving adult fairy tales)
Leap Day on the 29th, (4 books this day - just an idea)


March brings us National Craft Month, (for crafting books), and Poetry Month, (poetry books)

Employee Appreciation Day and National Salesperson Day on the 2nd
I Want You To Be Happy Day on the 3rd, (I love this one)
Hug A GI Day on the 4th, (an excellent way to say thank you to a soldier or vet)
Multiple Personality Day on the 5th (I think each of my personalities deserves a book)
Incredible Kid Day on the 15th, (show a kid how incredible they are with an incredible book)
Freedom of Information Day on the 16th, ( let's exercise our freedom to give information by giving a book)
St. Patrick's Day on the 17th
Extraterrestrial Abductions Day  and Ostara on the 20th
Make Up your Own Holiday on the 26th 


National Humor Month, Lawn and Garden Month and Stress Awareness Month any day works for gardening books and humorous books. Bonus - both types also relieve stress!

April Fool's Day on the 1st 
Children's Book Day on the 2nd, (don't forget classroom libraries on this day - teacher's often have to buy their own class books)
School Librarian Day, (how about gifting a book), on the 4th
No Housework Day on the 7th, (wait...what? ..there is an actual day for this? Help me celebrate. That's a bald face lie - I do not celebrate it everyday!)
Easter on the 8th
International Moment of Laughter Day on the 14th, (share some funny books)
National Librarian and Stress Awareness Day on the 16th, (is there a connection?)
Volunteer Recognition Day on the 20th
Girl Scout Leader Day on the 22nd (I think it should go with stress awareness - I was a leader)
Lover's Day, Take A Chance Day and MY BIRTHDAY on the 23rd (is that a coincidence?)
Administrative Professional's Day on the 25th (also World Penguin Day and I DO celebrate Penguin Day)
Take Your Child To Work Day on the 26th, (how about a book connected to what you do?)
Tell A Story Day on the 27th (NO it is not the day to tell me a lie - read me a story)
Great Poetry Reading Day and Kiss Your Mate Day on the 28th (what an awesome combo)


Foster Care Month, (show some love to the folks who are choosing to do this)

May Day, Beltane, Loyalty Day and Mother Goose Day are all on the 1st
World Press Freedom Day on the 3rd
Cinco de Mayo, ( I will not be to drunk to read), on the 5th
National Nurse's Day on the 6th, (which is also No Diet Day..just letting you know)
National Teacher's Day on the 8th, (which is also No Sock Day hmmm)
Eat What You Want and Twilight Zone Day (funny how they go together maybe because if you think you can eat what you want and not gain weight today you are in the twilight zone?  I hear that weird music), on the 11th
Limerick Day on the 12th (find a fun limerick book for me)
Mother's Day on the 13th, (in USA) and the 10th, (Mexico), (children you know we celebrate both dates)
Dance Like A Chicken Day on the 14th ( I just want to see you chicken dancing in public - a book is a bonus)
Police Officer Memorial Day on the 15th, (donate children books in their memory)
No Dirty Dishes Day on the 18th, (means either we eat out or not at all since dishes includes pots in my book)
Armed Forces Day on the 19th, (send books to the troops)
National Waiters and Waitresses Day on the 21st, (leave a book WITH your tip)
Memorial Day and  Amnesty International Day on the 28th


Gay Pride Month,(show some acceptance to the community), Candy Month and Turkey Lover's Month

National Doughnut Day on the 1st (a doughnut and a book are great - don't forget my coffee) 
Best Friends Day on the 8th, (celebrate by reading a book together)
Hug Holiday on the 11th (I just love this one - books are a bonus)
Father's Day on the 17th
International Splurge Day and International Panic Day are both on the 18th ( splurge on some zombie books for me as they always create a panic )
Summer Solstice on the 20th
Take Your Dog To Work Day on the 23rd, (I just want to see this)
Forgiveness Day on the 26th, (nothing says forgive me like a book and an apology)


National Anti Boredom Month What better month to give book gifts in?

Canada Day on the 1st (gift books by Canadian authors)
World UFO Day on the 2nd (gift UFO books)
Independence Day on the 4th (celebrate by gifting history books)
National Fried Chicken Day on the 5th (did Colonel Sanders come up with this? I don't care just send me some KFC with a book)
Chocolate Day on the 6th (books & chocolate - the perfect gift)
Cheer Up The Lonely Day on the 11th (read to them from a book you gift them)
Different Colored Eyes Day on the 12th, (I had to put this one  - my daughter Aimee has one eye that is half green and half brown and the other eye is 3/4 brown 1/4 green. Who knew they made a holiday for that? Guess I'll have to gift her a book)
Ramadan begins on July 20th, (this makes July a perfect month to gift books by Muslim authors or ones to learn about the religion)
Hammock Day on the 22nd, (perfect for reading a new book in! It's also Ratcatcher Day but I don't really want to know about that)
Cousins Day on the 24th 
Aunt and Uncle Day on the 26th, (also All or Nothing Day)
National Lasagna Day on the 29th 
National Cheesecake Day on the 30th


Family Fun Month and National Picnic Month Books would be great with both of these!

Lammas on the 1st 
US Coast Guard Day on the 4th, (gift your favorite Coastie a book)
Friendship Day and Sister Day are on the 5th 
BOOK LOVER'S DAY on the 9th, (now that is a holiday!)
Lazy Day on the 10th, (so you can read the books you got on the 9th)
Relaxation Day on the 15th 
Bad Poetry Day on the 18th 
Senior Citizen Day on the 21st, ( show some love by reading a book you gift to someone in a nursing home)
Be An Angel Day on the 22nd, (leave a book somewhere for a book lover to find)
Kiss and Make Up Day on the 25th (romance books work well with this)
Just Because Day on the 27th
Race Your Mouse Day on the 28th, (who doesn't want to celebrate this one? I'll read while my cat does this)


National Courtesy Month, Self Improvement Month and Baby Safety Month
Gift new and expectant parents with parenting books you found helpful or make them one with advice and memories of your parenting years

National Beheading Day on the 2nd, (what? we celebrate this? oookkkaaayyy now. Gift me a horror book and leave my head alone. Check out Dopamalovi Books for some good ones)
Labor Day on the 3rd
READ A BOOK DAY on the 6th, (gift me one to read)
INTERNATIONAL LITERACY  DAY on the 8th, (Gift books to needy schools internationally)
Grandparent's Day on the 9th, (read with a grandparent, even by phone, if you are lucky to have them with you)
International Talk Like  A Pirate Day on the 19th 
Mabon on the 22nd 
Oktoberfest begins and it's Elephant Recognition Day on the 22nd (if you gift me a book I can read to the pink elephant)
Ask A Stupid Question Day on the 28th, (I know people who celebrate this everyday)


Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, (adopting or fostering a dog, or volunteer to play with and walk the dogs in a shelter), Breast Cancer Awareness Month, (donate books to a chemotherapy lab in your area), Domestic Violence Awareness Month, (donate books to a local shelter), and one I celebrate as often as I can, (even in other months), Sarcastic Month

Virus Appreciation Day on the 3rd, ( who knew? I'm not certain which kind of virus we are appreciating but you can help me celebrate with zombie books)
World Teacher Day on the 5th (donate classroom books around the world)
Oktoberfest ends with World Smile Day and Bald & Free Day on the 7th, (Bald & Free Day?)
Curious Events Day on the 9th 
Take Your Teddy Bear To Work Day on the 11th ( I so want to see guys doing this one)
COOKBOOK LAUNCH DAY on the 12th (what an awesome day! I will appreciate any and all  cookbooks - even if you launch them at me)
Bosses Day on the 16th is shared with Dictionary Day, (I'm just letting you know - might be a good way to gift them a dictionary though. Just sayin'.)
Wear Something Gaudy Day on the 17th (so save up for this one okay. Warning: if I see anyone in gaudy wear I may post pictures)
Sweetest Day on the 20th ( Sizzling romances make a great gift  - see February for links)
Frankenstein Friday on the 26th, (gift a Frankenstein book)
National Make A Difference Day and Navy Day are on the 27th, (make a difference by fostering a love of reading in someone - gift a book )
Hermit Day on the 29th, (stay in and read)
National Candy Corn Day and Mischief Night on the 30th (Just for fun. Sing "I Don't Like Candy Corn" at your neighbors door just like you were caroling.)
Halloween on the 31st, (gift a horror book from Samhain Publishing)


National Adoption Awareness Month, (gift parenting books to new adoptive parents)
NATIONAL NOVEL WRITING MONTH, (gift a book you have written. My favorite gift is a book written by Leo Lopez, when he was in grade school, (homework assignment). I helped him with it. His teacher had them bound. He gave it to me and I was surprised to see he had dedicated it to me. It is one of my prized possessions.)  

All Saint's Day on the 1st
All Soul's Day and Deviled Egg Day on the 2nd
BOOK LOVER'S DAY and Sandwich Day  on the 3rd, (this should be everyday)
USMC Day on the 10th (gift a Marine with a book)
Veteran's Day on the 11th - (gift a book to a Veteran's hospital)
Young Reader's Day on the 13th, (why not leave a children's book or YA somewhere for a young person to find and delight in?)
National Philanthropy Day on the 15th
National Adoption Day and Homemade Bread Day on the 17th 
Occult Day on the 18th , (gift a witchy book)
World Hello Day on the 21st, (say hello with a book)
Make Your Own Head Day on the 28th, (I can't help but wonder about this one)
Stay At Home Because You Are Well Day on the 30th, (stay home and read all day)
* For those wondering why I skipped Thanksgiving Day - I am part Native American. I have many loved ones who are Native American. Thanksgiving in the traditional sense is not a holiday for me. Look it up. I'm not trying to be political but it is what it is. I am thankful for what I have everyday. I sing the Cherokee Morning Song every morning to give my thanks. For those interested here is a you tube video of it. It is sung by Walela and is on their album by the same name.


 Write  A Friend Month
I hope everyone celebrates by writing a friend a letter and sharing a book. 

Bath Tub Party Day on the 5th, (I need a bigger tub)
St Nicholas Day on the 6th, (put your shoes out) 
Letter Writing Day on the 7th
Hanukkah begins on the 8th 
National Ding-A-Ling Day on the 12th, (who doesn't know a ding-a-ling?)
National Chocolate Covered Anything Day on the 16th, (Oh Yes! Happy Dance!)
Bake Cookies Day on the 18th, (gift a cookie recipe book)
Go Caroling Day on the 20th, (does anyone do this anymore? I use to love it)
Yule on the 21st
Festivus Day on the 23rd
National Egg Nog Day on the 24th
Christmas on the 25th
Kwanzaa begins on the 26th and it is Boxing Day   
Card Playing Day on the 28th, (I thought this was every Friday night)
New Year's Eve on the 31st

With the different holidays throughout the year there is always a wonderful time to gift books by Christian, Jewish and Wiccan authors as well as those by authors of Native American and African origin and authors from the GLBT community. Books on culture and traditions of the above are also make wonderful gifts. 

Mixed in with the fun stuff are some regular holidays of different cultures, beliefs and lifestyles. I hope through out the year that you read and gift books from every culture, belief and lifestyle. The more we know of each other, the more understanding there is. Understanding leads to acceptance.  Everyone deserves to be accepted as they are. You don't need to believe any different than what your heart tells you but you do need to be aware that neither does anyone else. There are misconceptions on all sides. There are people who do bad things in the name of all listed above. What we need to remember is that also in all of the above there are good people doing good things. I don't care what you are, what you believe, what you live. I care about who you are. 

I hope you have fun with the dates above. I hope you celebrate many of them, especially the more odd, fun ones. 

Happy reading in 2012!

Comments Always Welcome!

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Sidne said...

hello,hello,hello!! stopping by to see whatch been reading. Love the yearly event dates you provided on your page. Poetry Month i thought was in April. (i will check to be certain) Hope the snow has not sent you into hibernation. I heard Cordova or Cordoba Alaska has set record high for their snow thus far. keep warn and happy reading.

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