Thursday, January 19, 2012

Review of Dangerous Lies by Lisa April Smith

Hi Everyone! Sorry but I had some personal issues going on and ended up away from the site. I have missed visiting so many of you! I am excited to be back and will be stopping by to catch up with what you are all doing and reading! Now on to my first review of the New Year! 

Dangerous Lies by Lisa Smith
 EBook & Paperback, 254 Pages

*An Ebook copy was given to me for review by the author. No compensation was offered or received. No promise of a good review was made. Opinions expressed are solely mine.*

Good Reads:
The trial had everything an ambitious prosecuting attorney could want: a solid case against a known crimelord and a seductively beautiful witness with a steamy past - ingredients guaranteed to pack a courtroom." From its first line, Dangerous Lies entices. Alternately raw, romantic, funny, and terrifying, this racy new thriller has two unforgettable protagonists. Tina Davis is the former mob mistress who inexplicably risks her life. Jake Stern, is the prosecuting attorney who hides a crippling fear behind a handsome stoic mask. Repelled by her past and obsessed with her presence, it's Jake's job to keep Tina alive.

My Turn:
Lisa sent me this book awhile back. Unfortunately, most of you know how it goes with TBR listings. I wish I could have gotten to it sooner. 
I found this book a thrilling read. I admit, I do love the "mob" stories. I  grew up in Chicago, (Al Capone, Tony Lombardo, Bugs Moran, Sam Giancana among others).  I grew up hearing of stories of the mob, reading of them in the local papers and seeing them on the local news. Lisa wrote a book that reminded me of those stories. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I was so into the book that I had a hard time taking breaks. When I needed to do something or was interrupted by that thing called life, I was annoyed.  I found myself falling asleep with my Kindle in my hands because the hour was so late, only to wake up after an hour or so of sleep to read a little more. I was a grumpy camper in much need of solid sleep when I finished this book.  Lisa had sent me a tweet with this message attached: Warning: expect the unexpected. She didn't lie. The book takes many turns. Even though I did figure it out she still managed to get the unexpected in. I was interrupted right at that part and nearly had a heart attack. I commented on it on Good Reads. I rushed through what was needed and returned to finish the book. 
I loved Tina. I was rooting for her almost from the start. She triumphed over a hard life. It was hard to end the book and say goodbye. Jake had me then lost me. I know this man. I have met him a few times with different names. Rose I often wanted to slap. Then I started wondering what made her the way she was. Perhaps someday Lisa will satisfy that curiosity.
They are a few of many characters who will stay with you. I don't want to spoil the book by saying more but Lisa does play your emotions like Eric Clapton plays guitar. 
I was amazed by how compelling a read this book was. I have a hard time thinking of this as being Lisa's first book. She writes in a more experienced way. Recently she released Exceeding Expectations. I found the title ironic since I feel she did that with Dangerous Lies. I am looking forward to reading this one. Lisa is a truly talented storyteller. 

Exceeding Expectations

You can find Lisa on her website at

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She really is an open and friendly author. Check her out, especially if you like legal thrillers. Every month she has a giveaway of one of her books on her website. Be sure to check that out. I am sure you will like her! I know she would be thrilled to hear from you.
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Sidne said...

Welcome back!! oh what a return. That book cover is deceiving, I was thinking romance,but its MOB!! so cool. Chicago, my kinda town, far south side although i know and toured the Al Capone areas.
your review makes for good reading. I have this one on my list.

Frances said...

Sidne!! I have been looking for you. Send me an email so I can find you. I don't seem to be able to pull up the blog. I'm a south side Chicago girl. I still have family there.

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