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Review: Human No Longer by Kathryn Meyer Griffith

I spoke of this book and author earlier this week. You can read it HERE. Kathryn Meyer Griffith is a new writer for me. She has written 17 books so she is not new at this and it shows. Here is my review of Human No Longer.

*I received a copy of Human No Longer for review. No promises were made except to give an honest review of my opinion of the book. I received no compensation for this review.*

I love this vampire book. It is about a woman who is attacked. Her husband is killed and she is turned into a vampire. Years before she, her husband and her brother, fought vampires and killed some. Now Jenny is a single mother, recovering from the attack and finding herself changing into a vampire. Imagine her horror at that. Imagine her fear of harming her children. Imagine her love that refuses to give up her children. As you can tell this is not your sparkly, friendly vampire book. The author spends a lot of time letting us get to know Jenny and her family. We feel her love, her fear and her horror. We know her family is tight and that they are strong. Kathryn Meyer Griffith wrote this story beautifully. Since it involves children and the loss of a parent it could have been dreary and depressing. Ms Griffith handled writing that successfully. We hear of the sadness and pain, indeed it is a major part of why Jenny will not give up, but it is written with care. It takes Jenny awhile to admit that she is a vampire. Since she has hunted them before, this could be seen as ridiculous. However the author explains it in an understanding and real way. Jenny knows in her heart what she is becoming. She just doesn't want it to be true. We walk with Jenny through her changing. We feel her pain, fear, doubts, horror, strength and, most of all, her love and determination. Their is also a budding romance in the book. It goes at the right speed. We know Jenny is not going to jump into love even without the vampire effect. So it is just the start that we get. It is funny but one of the descriptive words that I think of with this book is healing. We are witness to a family healing from a huge loss. You might not think that possible in a vampire story but it is in this one. And it works. But this is a horror story. Do not be fooled by what I have written so far. There is violence in this book, what we believe are vampires, do kill in it. In horrifying ways and they kill children. I love that Ms. Griffith has kept the violence on the low end of graphic. It is there, just not like it could have been written. Most of it is suggestive, the way a good horror book is written. We get the set up, our imagination terrifies us and then we get what happened. I love that. I love when the author invites my imagination to play. I am hoping there is a follow up book. 

This was a riveting book, well written. I give it 5 stars and recommend it.
There is violence in the book. There is no sex or bad language.

I read this book as a stand alone but it is a part of another book, Vampire Blood. I am planning to read this one. I can actually hear it calling my name. I am very interested in reading how this began. 

Vampire Blood

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Kathryn Meyer Griffith said...

thank you so much for reviewing and liking my book. It is for these times, these moments, a writer is most happy to be a writer. Though it's my 17th novel, it still makes me feel so good when someone likes one of my books. Thank you.
Yes, Vampire Blood is the beginning of Jenny & Jeff's journey, published first from Zebra paperbacks in 1991 I completely rewrote it in 2010...and in it you'll meet her family for the first time. Warmly, author Kathryn Meyer Griffith

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