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Horrifyingly Good



How cool does this book look? 

Here is what people are saying about it:

“In THE HUNT FOR THE GHOULISH BARTENDER, Charles Day brings a wicked sense of fun and a real talent for wild horror-fantasy adventure. Weird, crazy and totally enjoyable!” –Jonathan Maberry, New York Times Bestselling author of ROT & RUIN and FIRE & ASH

"Charles Day adds to the Weird Western genre with HUNT FOR THE GHOULISH BARTENDER, a funny, tense, surprisingly philosophical, and first-page-to-last *fun,* the likes of which we haven't seen since Joe Lansdale took us back to the early days of Mud Creek. This is top-notch entertainment, with action that comes at you like bullets from a six-shooter in the hands of Billy the Kid. You *will* hate yourself if you miss this. Not to mention piss off a certain bartender who shall remain nameless ...." -- Bram Stoker Award-Winner Gary A. Braunbeck, author of TO EACH THEIR DARKNESS, ROSE OF SHARON and OTHER STORIES, and A CRACKED AND BROKEN PATH.

Another book Book By Charles Day

The Legend of the Pumpkin Thief

I recently read this book. Here is my review:

This is a wonderful Halloween tale! I could imagine it being read aloud over the course of a few nights. This book would definitely have made the cut for The Halloween Family Read, (THFR is the event that happened every October when my children and I all slept in the same room and read our favorite spooky stories aloud). The characters in the story were all interesting and easy to relate to. Most of us grew up with a bully and an elderly person who was not the friendliest to children in our neighborhoods. I also had the spooky house and of course listened to legends. This book was comfortable because I had that setting but it also had the right amount of spooky to make you want the lights on until you can get to the store and buy a pumpkin to keep you safe. The story reminded me of Goosebumps so fans of that series will love this book. I can see this being made into a Halloween show.
Parents there is some cursing in the book. Nick the main character is 17 so 'thought' curse words happen. I do not recall him actually using them. He has a little sister and the natural rivalry is there along with sibling love. He still obeys his parents though has his own thoughts about it. In other words the author did an excellent job portraying the family. The old lady also used minor cursing but over all it was not a major stumbling block. The cursing is in there far fewer times than a lot of YA books I have read. There is some violence as there is a bully situation. I thought the author also handled that realistically. There was no sex scenes though there is some crushing going on.
If you are looking for a book for a child I think younger teens and preteens will enjoy it more than older teens. If you do family reads this book will be enjoyed by all,(sometimes older teens just need permission to like something they think they are too old for).

Here are a few of the books he has contributed a story to: 

Tales of Terror and Mayhem from Deep Within the Box Under the Stairs Halloween Frights (Volume III)     
Hannibal's Manor There Was a Crooked House... An Anthology of Crooked Stories

There are even more books to be found on his blog. Charles is also The Evil Jester. You can check out the Evil Jester comics, ( you can even watch a video) by clicking the comic link. 

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