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Review of Amanda Weds A Good Man

Amanda Weds a Good Man (One Big Happy Family #1)


*I received a copy of this book for review purposes. All opinions stated are my honest feelings about the book. I was not compensated for the review. *

I reviewed one other book by this author, Abby Finds Her Calling, which I loved. I was so excited to be able to review another book by her. The reason for this is that Naomi King is a quality writer. She writes with knowledge. There are many books about the Amish, (this I know because every winter it is to Amish romance and Christmas stories I cuddle up with). If you read enough of them you know that finding an author who writes with knowledge about the Amish is difficult.

Amanda Weds A Good Man was everything I hoped it would be ...and more. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the author kept the story very real. Amanda has children. The man she marries, Wyman, also has children. Blending families is a difficult task no matter the circumstances. Yet somehow we think for the Amish it may be different. They lead, what one imagines, very peaceful lives with obedience being a major factor. I think we do that because in our lives everything is hurried and electronic. We stress ourselves out. Then we see the Amish and we think how great it would be to live life so peaceful and slow. We forget they are just people like us, with the same emotions, thoughts and similar issues. The author brings that into focus in this book. It is what I enjoyed most about it. We hear the story from multiple views so we experience the love and joy but we also get the doubts and the fears. We see the blending of the family and the issues. We also experience the blurring of worlds. Wyman has friends who are Mennonite. He is from a strict community while Amanda is not. Seeing them question things and stay true to their relationship with God is inspiring and realistic. I was also very happy to see Abby and so many friends from that book play major roles in this one. You do not need to read the other book to enjoy this one, (I believe they are 2 different but related series), but I would recommend it...for your enjoyment.

Other books by Naomi King:

Abby Finds Her Calling (Home at Cedar Creek, #1) Rosemary Opens Her Heart (Home at Cedar Creek, #2) An Amish Country Christmas

Naomi King has also written under the name Charlotte Hubbard. These books are available as ebooks. I am not certain if they are all available in print. I just realized I also reviewed Summer of Secrets. No wonder I loved the writing. LOL

Summer of Secrets (Seasons of the Heart #1) Autumn Winds (Seasons of the Heart #2) Winter of Wishes (Seasons of the Heart #3)

A Patchwork Family (Angels of Mercy #1) Journey to Love (Angels of Mercy #2) Angel's Embrace (Angels of Mercy #3) Gabriel's Lady (Angels of Mercy #4)

The following books were written prior to the author's move into faith based books. They are for adults who are looking for something a bit more exciting. I have a Kindle and know these are available for it. 

Colorado Captive Colorado Moonfire Outlaw Moon

Missouri Magic Gambler's Tempting Kisses Sahara's Splendor

You can hook up with Naomi King on her website, which also contains recipes. I love recipes and there are some amazing ones on her website!  

She also has a Facebook page:

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