Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Review: Death in Advertising

Death in Advertising Death in Advertising by Laura Bradford
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Laura Bradford is a new author for me. I learned of her when this book was selected for one of the book clubs I am in. I didn't have expectations when I began reading. I had hope for a fun book. I am happy to say that hope was realized. I'm not going to go into how slowly or quickly I solved the mystery. One: I hate spoilers and try to avoid them. Two: We are all different in our sleuthing skills, reading speed and comprehension. I don't want to look at a review as a contest to see who was faster or smarter. I read these types of books for enjoyment. So if that is what you want to know, you can skip to the next review. No hard feelings. No judgments.
What did I like about this book? The characters, for starters. I connected with Tobi. I absolutely adore Grandpa Stu. Their relationship brought me thoughts of my grandpas and how much I miss them. Sam. Oh how I love this character! For once we have a teenager who acts like a teen without all the narcissist, petty or angry behavior I find in many books, (tv, movies, music and, sadly, real life), now. Sam loves his mom, is understanding of animals, is loyal to friends, is respectful, responsible and works. I know there are many, many Sams in real life but it is always the other teens who get noticed. I was thrilled to see such a caring teen included as a possibly returning character. And then the birds! They were awesome. This is my second book where birds played a part in the plot. I am a dog lover. My Shih Tzu, Zoey, is my reading partner. We tend to choose a lot of books with dogs in them, followed by ones with cats. We have been surprised by how fun birds can be. I hope Rudder continues to make appearances in the series. Beyond the characters, I really enjoyed the plot. It was interesting, fast paced and had us laughing together in a few parts. Aside from the murder to be solved there was also a possibility of romance, (or two, if Grandpa Stu hangs around). I had a good time reading this book. I was drawn in quickly and easily. Actually the only thing I missed was an update on Baboo. Zoey thinks that may come in the next book. I hope she is right.
There wasn't any graphic sex, violence, gore or language. No typos or editing issues that jumped out at us. I know some people are interested in knowing that before they choose a book. Zoey gives it two paws up and I give 5 stars.

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